Heavy Hitting Kush

Chemo Afghani Kush | Heavy Hitting Paint Management


Chemo Afghani Kush – Heavy Hitting Pain Management


This is the stuff that killed Elvis!


Heavy | Moderate | Light


Stone:  Heavy
Taste: Heavy
Smoke: Light

This is such a nice strain.  The smoke is heavy and the stone is even heavier.  Its very smooth and almost caughless.  This would be a great strain for pain relief or calming affects.  If you have anxiety a few puffs of this will make your brain slow down a bit and run on a smooth wavelength.  I would suggest this to anyone who is a pot eater.  Some people refuse to smoke it but will put it in food.  This is fine but you want a strain that is very high in CBD.  Kush and Chemo have always been known for CBD.

Where To Buy Weed?  How Do I Get Marijuana?

Well, if you are asking this question look no further.  You have found the #1 Canadian mail order marijuana.  If you are a Canadian living in Canada you can now Buy BC Weed Online.  If you are an American you can always travel to Washington or Colorado where it is now legalized.  I would never suggest you go and wait on a street corner to pick up your weed from some drug dealer.  This is not only dangerous, but you never know what you are getting.  Who knows what chemicals were spraid on the weed to make you get even higher.

Why would people spray weed with chemicals to get you higher?

That’s simple, its because the weed they have sucks!  No one with a bran would ever spray weed that looks like this above.  If you had some bunk crap I could see it but that is not only Irresponsible, but its basically steeling, lying, poisoning, and should be considered a form of terrorism.  Think about it, you buy weed that someone sprays with an unknown chemical… Then you smoke it?

This is just 1 reason to not buy weed from drug dealers and to start buying it online from a professional.  The other main reason is privacy.  You can order marijuana online discreetly, a package shows up in your mailbox 5 – 10 days after you make your purchase.  If you need to find a place to buy weed you can visit McChronalds on Facebook.

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Where To Get Weed

Where Do You Get Weed Without Getting Ripped Off?

This is a question a lot of Canadians ask their self.  Its very difficult to get a medical marijuana card if you do not live in British Columbia.  Most doctors will choose to have you take pharmaceuticals instead of a herbal remedy, but what else is new.  That’s a doctors job, to use pharmaceuticals.  A naturalistic doctor uses herbs and natural remedies so try that.  You will have to pay cash for your visit though because natural medicine is not covered by Canadian health care.
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Where Do You Get Weed?

You can find many places in all large cities in Canada that sell weed.  But if you are a professional, trying to find weed from a dealer not smart.  First of all, how do you know they are not going to just take your money and run off?  How do you know they are not desperate and willing to shoot or stab someone for a few dollars?  You dont, so buying weed on the street is dumb and should never be done.  If you already know someone, you are good, but finding someone these days is risky business.

Where To Buy Marijuana Online

The best way to find good weed is to buy it online.  Yep!  Buy it online.  You may think this is even riskier but its actually the safest way to buy weed.  As long as you are buying from a real business and not someone who is out to steel your money.  A good thing to do is check to see how long the website has been around for.  If the website is brand new you might want to do a little more diligence.  The website BuyWeedOnline.ca has been around for almost 2 years and has 100% happy customers.

You probably wont find many reviews because online weed websites are still not exactly legal and a lot of Canadians are still worried about having their names associated with marijuana and that’s fine.  But if you do check out our website you will find a lot of people actually do make comments.  If you check out our Facebook page you will see that McChronalds is the best choice for quality bc bud that you can order online.

Trusting An Online Weed Website

You can find other outlets online that do offer marijuana online but after speaking with many of my customers that have tried them my findings were not so good.  They either were simply ripped off, or received herbal stuff that wasn’t even weed and is basically the same as being ripped off.  Ronald McChronald promises that if you order from McChronalds at buy weed online you will always receive a professionally grown product.

Now if you are going to try buying weed online, just remember it comes in the mail.  Packages and letters do go missing from time to time.  So if you are thinking about sending you last $120 away for weed, you better pay an additional $14 for express shipping and a tracking number.  This will ensure that you can see your package on its ways and greatly decreases the chances of it being lost in the mail.

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