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The doctors of Canada are not ready to join anti-marijuana campaign

Medical MarijuanaIn Canada, the main groups of doctors have declared that they will not participate in the upcoming Health Canada’s anti-drug campaign that targets young people.

A joint statement which was released recently by the CFPC (College of Family Physicians of Canada), CMA (Canadian Medical Association) and the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians of Canada reported that the educational campaign has become a political football on the marijuana policy of Canada now. It also states that they did not, and will not, endorse or support any political messaging, anti-drug campaign or political advertising on this problem.

The release also said all the three organizations were invited to co-brand and offered expert advice on this public anti-drug campaign, funded and initiated by Health Canada. This means that the groups will have their logos along with emblazoned endorsements on all the advertising.

Justin Trudeau, Liberal Leader said that he wanted to see marijuana legalized, regulated and taxed, a stance which has drawn the Conservative government’s ire however applause from marijuana activists. It was emphasized that they will continue to work for enhancing public education and increasing awareness of the health risks of alcohol and drug consumption by young people of Canada.

Conservative government of Stephen Harper has come out hard against this stand taken on pot by Justin Trudeau (Liberal Leader), who has said that he favours controlling and legalization of the drug. The Conservative Party released an ad earlier this week that indicates Trudeau’s stance will make it easier for children to have marijuana.

Julian Fantino, the retired police officer and the Conservative minister of veterans affairs distributed a flyer recently in his Toronto area riding attacking Trudeau. Flyer of Fantino said the that Liberal leader’s first order in business is to make accessibility of marijuana easier to minors and the Liberals want to make purchasing marijuana an everyday, normal activity for young citizen of Canada

Trudeau also said that marijuana should be taxed and regulated similar to liquor sales. When Trudeau was asked to clarify about his thought about marijuana, he said that Marijuana is not a health food supplement and not great for you, however as many studies have indicated it is not worse for you as alcohol or cigarettes certainly. The decline of anti-drug campaign by the doctors has resulted in another political issue in Canada

Endorsement of Medical Marijuana by President of Colombia

Legalize MarijuanaRecently, Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia endorsed newly introduced legislation which will legalize marijuana for therapeutic and medicinal in this drug war afflicted Andean nation.

Santos, who is a proponent of rethinking prohibitionist drug rules, made an announcement at a policy forum in the capital of Colombia, Bogota. This was his first major statement of drug policy since he won re-election. Santos further added that a governing coalition senator introduced a bill last month, which is a compassionate and practical measure for reducing the anxiety and pain of patients having terminal illnesses, however, also a way to begin to strip the role of intermediary from the criminal’s hands between the substance and the patient that enables them for relieving their suffering.

Uruguay has approved to legalize marijuana and the justice minister of Jamaica announced in June plans to legalize marijuana for medical and religious purposes and decriminalize the ownership of amounts up to 57 grams.

Sen. Juan Manuel Galan, introduced the medicinal use bill. In 1989, Juan Manuel’s father was assassinated by cocaine traffickers. Juan told The Associated Press that other states in the region considering same measures include Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Juan said his aim is to have his bill that is going to put the medical marijuana distribution under the government control, gains final legislative approval next year in June.

The director of the Drug Policy Alliance in New York, Ethan Nademann said that some U.S. countries as well as states such as Canada and Israel are well advanced in providing government-administered legalize marijuana for medical use, when a bill was introduced in the Central American nation of Costa Rica last week.

The marijuana plantations in Colombia help to enrich right-wing paramilitary bands and leftist rebels alike, though cocaine is a big business for them. General Ricardo Restrepo, who is the commander of counter drug police of Colombia told the AP that currently the country has around 390 hectares (1.5 square miles) of marijuana fields. A pound of this field costs at $ 230.

According to U.N, Colombia is the second largest marijuana (cocaine) producing country after Peru. Therefore, the endorsement of marijuana by the President of Colombia is helping to legalize marijuana.

Colorado is Setting Rules for Marijuana-infused Foods

Marijuana IndustryThe marijuana experiment of Colorado is threatened by the fame of eating it rather than smoking it. This leads the marijuana industry to join state regulators and health officials to try to curb the issue of users ingesting too much marijuana. A task force that met recently planned to begin working on refining the rules of Colorado on edibles, the industry term for marijuana that has been infused and concentrated into drink or food.

Dr. George Sam Wang, a well-known doctor in Colorado said that he is trying to figure out how to come up with a reasonable THC amount or concentration in proportion in edibles to product safety size. Dr. George is a pediatric emergency physician who treats toddlers and children who fell ill after eating marijuana.

Marijuana-infused foods are booming in the new recreational market of the state. Many choose edible marijuana because they are concerned with health issues about smoking the marijuana. Others are visitors who are not able to find a hotel that enables toking and are stymied by a rule barring public outdoor marijuana smoking. Whether through confusion or inexperience, many are eating too much marijuana too quickly, resulting in potentially deadly consequences.

Recently, a college student from Wyoming jumped from a Denver hotel balcony last and died after consuming 6 times the recommended dose of a marijuana-infused cookie. And a few days back Denver man shoots his wife reportedly after eating marijuana-laced candy before the attack, although police say he might have had other drugs in his system.

All the deaths are underscoring a common complaint from new marijuana consumers. The customers do not know that how much marijuana to consume, this is why they have unpleasant experiences after they ingest too much. Colorado has already limited THC, which is an intoxicating chemical in marijuana in edible products to 10mg each serving, having a maximum of 10 servings per package. Marijuana varies widely in quality and potency because exact comparisons are tricky, however, 10mg of THC is roughly considered equivalent to the amount in a medium-sized joint. The marijuana industry is improving with great pace all around the country.

Medical Marijuana: Shop opens in Halifax’s North End

Medical MarijuanaA medical marijuana venture lounge smoothly opened its door this month in Halifax. At Gottingen Street, Farm Assists is a marijuana resource centre. The front of the store is filled by marijuana accessories and paraphernalia while a vapour lounge fills up the back portion.

This is the same vapour lounge where a 34 years old man, who does have a medical marijuana license yet, but has been utilizing medical marijuana to ease pain and anxiety rooting from a car accident 17 years ago. His back was injured really bad and he was given a lot of pain killers but nothing helped him more than marijuana.

He shattered his ankle a year and a half ago, and was in a lot of pain now, and for that too he has been using marijuana and it resulted quite useful. He is glad that this business is opened in Halifax where he can get his joint safely and remain out of trouble.

Medical MarijuanaThe place Farm Assists is bought by Chris Enns, who has a medical marijuana license in his possession that allows him to render cannabis for two people. But it is his plan to merchandise medical marijuana to those who have a license and a medical need for the stock.

According to him people continue to struggle on a daily basis to access medical marijuana from licensed producers. He fills that void, for a time being, by stepping out on that climb and aiding out those with a license beyond those two individuals.

But charges of his own are also faced by Enns. He is charged with possession of marijuana and resin for the purpose of trafficking. Both charges root from a raid in March 2013 at a prior marijuana hydrophonics store in Porters Lake. However, it is believed by Enns that the law is on his side when it comes to the legality of his store.

It is said by the owner that individuals of all age groups and endurings from different maladies, for instance, arthritis to cancer to epilepsy, have been coming to his door. He also stated that he didn’t have any bad communications with the police since the store opened but notes that there has been support from the community.

One of the supporter customer was Maggi Keddy, who used marijuana, though not medically, but still favored the pot shop and supported it. She stated that they need more medical marijuana shops like this one to make the people see how much of a benefit it is more than an issue.

Most Canadians Demand Marijuana Law Reform According To Poll

Marijuana lawA poll to judge how much there is in Canada for marijuana law reform was conducted by Canada’s Department of Justice. For months, the poll was kept hidden  until the media outlet The Star was able to attain a copy of the results.

According to The Star the secret was kept by the Conservatives for months, found 70% of respondents believed that marijuana laws should be loosened. 37.3% out of the 3,000 respondents, stated that the government should legalize marijuana, while the other 33.4% stated that the possession of the small amounts should be decriminalized.

According to the report which the Conservatives intended to withhold until the end of July, stated that there was a great deal of confusion about whether the possession of small amounts of marijuana is a crime, a ticketable offense, or entirely illegal.

The states quo was supported by only 13.7% of respondents, while the other 12% believed that Ottawa should impose harsher penalties.

Marijuana lawAttack ads have been pushed by the Conservatives in Canada against Liberty Party leader Justin Trudeau, outlining his pro-marijuana stance, as if it’s a bad thing. It is recommended by the Department of Justice’s poll that the attack ads aren’t going to be useful, as most Canadians agree with Mr. Trudeau’s stance that it’s about time for a new appeal in Canada. As word spreads about the poll outcomes, more and more Canadians will get on board with marijuana law reform and oppose the Conservatives.

It is commissioned by the Department of Justice the $175,000 Ipsos-Reid poll after the Supreme Court’s Bedford decision in December. Certain of prostitution laws were struck down as unconstitutional. Almost exclusively on opinions is the telephone poll aimed on marijuana laws and prostitution, as did additional focus groups conducted by the pollster in seven cities.

Marijuana lawMoreover, Marc Emery, long time marijuana law reform leader is returning back to Canada soon after completing his sentence in the United States for seed sales. He was targeted by the DEA not only due to his seed sales, but also because he utilized his profits to fund marijuana law reform efforts in the United States and Canada. When you add Marc Emery’s return to Canada with this poll outcomes, we are expecting things to get very intriguing north of the border.