World Of Marijuana In Vancouver

Vancouver is a little similar to Amsterdam. Known for its easy-going Marijuana laws and laid back lifestyle with beautiful views.

Finding weed in Vancouver is easier than finding a Starbucks. Dispensary’s are and continue to open up all across the lower mainland, with some now franchising across the province. Yes, finding weed is very easy.

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Even back before cannabis was starting to be socially acceptable, marijuana was still easy to find. Ask 8 people and 4 people would give you a number back for a guy. It was that easy, its hilarious when your parents ask you where you got it from?? In the younger days in high school it was very simple to find it on a daily basis. Marijuana was apart of our culture on the west coast.

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Now with Marijuana becoming legalized in a year, the streets will be even more free. It will finally be socially acceptable. As much as alcohol and tobacco. Except Marijuana is a lot less harmful than both.

Ride a bike on the seawall around Stanley Park, take in the beautiful sights of the snow capped mountains, end up at a english bay beach and catch some rays, followed by a nice cold beer at Cactus Club on the water. Take the Train to yaletown and enjoy the upscale patio life, walk down the road and take a water taxi underneath bridges around false creek and enjoy the sparkel from the water and arrive at unique Granville Island.

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The perfect city for adventure and smoking weed. Whats better than that? Smoke a Joint, adventure, relax with good food and drinks and amazing view.

Vancouver’s culture of smoking weed pairs perfectly with the lifestyle and views you get here. There is really no place like it. Get lost in nature and be in the one with the earth. Then come back to reality of the buzz of the most exciting city.

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Blueberry Kush AAAA Quads

This is the firs time McChronalds has brought you Blueberry Kush and is the first time I personally have had it in over 2 years.  Its a super potent strain in its self, but when grown under the perfect conditions it can out power most other strains of Kush.  It smells like heavin rapped in a blueberry.  Its taste is super smooth and will get anyone excited the second you set eyes on it.  Its so loaded with THC filled Crystal you will get high just looking at the pictures below, so be careful.

This strain is exceptionally great for pain because of its narcotic muscle numbing stone.  This bud will get you where you want to go weather its to numb pain, knock you out, get you ripped, or what ever else you can think of.  It has a super high THC content to the point you can barely see the weed under the crystals.

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