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Marijuana Now tax deductible

Medical marijuana is now tax deductible in Canada. More big news on the medical marijuana front, now the Canada Revenue Agency — the nation’s tax collector — says it’s cool with medical marijuana users claiming the costs of their weed as a medical expense, so long as they buy their pot from a licensed producer. Continue reading Marijuana Now tax deductible

Cannabis and the Youth

Cannabis and the Youth Chapter 4: Medical marijuana may in some ways be beneficial, it cannot be denies that carries huge risk. With that fact that its abuse is prevalent across the world, surely the risk of marijuana abuse cannot be overlooked. When you asked the parents of the youth who have marijuana problems, you Continue reading Cannabis and the Youth

Therapeutic Effects of Medical Marijuana

The Known Therapeutic Effects of Medical Marijuana For the past few years, marijuana otherwise known as cannabis has been regarded as illegal for the fact that its abuse is prevalent not only in the US, but in the whole world. The youth is particularly affected by the abuse of marijuana which is why many are Continue reading Therapeutic Effects of Medical Marijuana

Medical Conditions that Cannabis is Beneficial

Medical Conditions that Cannabis is Beneficial What exactly are specific conditions for which cannabis can be beneficial? When did the use of cannabis for medical purposes started? These questions probably linger in your mind for you are not sure as to how medical cannabinoids can help treat illness and alleviate pain. In this chapter, you Continue reading Medical Conditions that Cannabis is Beneficial

Cannabinoids in Medical Marijuana

Cannabinoids in Medical Marijuana Cannabinoids are now being widely researched by scientists all around the world because of its amazing healing properties.  The term medical marijuana or medical cannabis refers to how cannabis as well as its cannabinoids constituent like the cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for medical or therapeutic purposes such that of to Continue reading Cannabinoids in Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Strains

Some Great Medical Marijuana Strains  By: Roger I will recommend some good common strains for her ailments, high in CBD’s. Marijuana high in CBD has been proven to help with Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis as a natural type of pain relief. Using marijuana, people with forms of arthritis are actually able to use far less non-steroidal, Continue reading Medical Marijuana Strains