Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

With legalization looming medical marijuana seems to be taking quite the precedence over recreational marijuana. How different is really?

Well, the truth is somewhat complicated and there isn’t really a fine line between the two just yet. It seems pretty common nowadays that recreational marijuana gets labeled as medicinal marijuana and hence usually get sold for more.


Traditionally, medical marijuana is meant to be free of pesticides or herbicides with could potentially be toxic to your body! It is meant to be grown by only licensed producers. Lately, many dispensaries which market their marijuana strains as medical in order slide under the radar have been getting raided and shutdown. This is part of a collective effort between the RCMP and the Canadian government to rid the country of illegal pot-shops which are tricking their customers by labeling their weed as medical when it is far from the case.

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Although all the dispensaries are getting shut down and purchasing marijuana from these “pot shops” is becoming increasingly difficult. The marijuana stock is ever increasing due to the suppliers still looking to get rid of their products. However high-grade medicinal quality marijuana is becoming more the rarity, with an ever-increasing demand and lack of licensed producers growing crops.

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Edmonton Set to Become the Center for Marijuana in Canada

Edmonton Set to Become the Center for Marijuana in Canada

Aurora Cannabis is a massive producer of Medical Marijuana in Canada (as a matter of fact they are the world’s largest legal marijuana production facility) and they are currently building a gigantic production and processing facility right next to the Edmonton International Airport!

The company has invested in excess of $100 million dollars into a 75,000-square-metre project which is expected to be completed prior or right in time for legalization by July 2018.

Cam Battley who is the vice-president of Aurora Cannabis was quoted as saying “I think we have the beginnings of what could turn into cluster, a centre of excellence with respect to cannabis”. He continued with, “our presence at the airport is going to draw other companies that want to partner with us and our partners. The creation of Aurora Sky, this enormous facility, is going to be a major magnet for additional investment that we haven’t even anticipated yet.”

Marijuana-LeafMarijuana as an industry is BOOMING and it is only set to make unprecedented leaps forwards as legalization looms near. Many are using marijuana for their various needs and ailments. Irene Donohue who is a patient advocate and educator (she is the owner of Cannabis Concierge Services) says “medical cannabis patients, they’re your mothers, they’re your parents, they could be your neighbours or the kid down the street.”

Anemone Ruder who is an Edmonton resident said she is most concerned with the quality control. “It needs to be controlled so that you get a decent product,” Ruder said Sunday. “Just like when you go out and buy booze, you get beer that doesn’t kill you.” Many marijuana dispensaries have no form of quality control and simply buy low and sell high to increase their profit margins. Sites such as BUYWEEDONLINE.CA and ensure there is some sort of quality control with hired staffs working hard to only let patients or customers access high-grade or high quality weed strains.



Work From HOME and RETIRE EARLY!!- as a Marijuana Affiliate

The marijuana industry is booming and it’s still mostly illegal around the globe. However changes are coming, and they’re coming fast! Many people who are aware of the upwards trend are getting in early and cashing in on this HUGE CHUNK of CHANGE. The marijuana pie in the U.S alone is set to hit the $22,000,000,000.00 mark by the year 2020!


Marijuana Sales are set to sky-rocket in the upcoming years!

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Buying weed online is becoming more and more a common practice amongst business professionals looking to consume marijuana. Buying weed from illegal pot shops or dispensaries doesn’t seem like an appealing option to those aware of marijuana laws within the region. A criminology and sociology professor by the name of Frank Cormier recently stated “The whole climate around the use and sale of marijuana is really changing”. Canada Post provides specific instructions on marijuana shipping and allows authorized distributors to ship via the mail. Canada Post says that the marijuana must be sealed in such a way that the product can’t be smelled, and the package can’t be labeled in any way that would indicate what’s inside. Their intent is basically to reduce the chance of theft within the mailing system. Recently a marijuana legalization advocate Dana Larsen sent a “sample” of marijuana through the mail to every Liberal member of Parliament! His goal he said, was to “re-familiarize” the Members with the “pleasant effects” of marijuana in hopes of reminding them to stay true to their election promises!


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My Marijuana leads to commercialize Medical marijuana of Canada

Medical MarijuanaThe Company, My Marijuana is an official company that produces and distributes the medical marijuana in Canada.

The Company has listed around 1300 patients of marijuana and industrial experts of Medicann’s director, Michelle Hackett and Chris Jackson. The company has also purchased 8 acres for the production of marijuana facility. It would manage growing. Packaging, storage, shipping and administration. The facility will be growing around 8 to 12 varieties of marijuana every year.

Chris Jackson reports that Health Canada has been responsible with My Marijuana’s application, and it is very confident for the future of medical marijuana industry.

In Canada, The medical marijuana industry is flux following some major changes to the ruling regulations of the industry. There will be a possibility to commercialize the shipment of medical marijuana to be given to licensed patients throughout the country.

On the ground basis of Health Canada’s continually growth market, it is estimated that there will be around 449,984 licensed patients by 2024. The list of medical marijuana patients that is acquired by the company is representing a large percent of present listed MMPR patients.

My Marijuana Company is looking for the growth of its users under the MMPR to become the dominant industry in the Canadian medical marijuana market. The Company is also in touch several parties that surround the marijuana business.

Ms Sheryl has been fixed as he corporate secretary of My Marijuana. She has worked under the public sector since so long. So, she has a good experience with office management and exploration companies. She also works as Corporate Secretary for several other public sectors as TSX and CSE.

About the Company, My Marijuana Canada Inc.

My marijuana is a marijuana Company that advances an application to producing and shipping medical marijuana under the license given by Health Canada. Its management team has good experience in the production and cultivation of medical marijuana.

Ottawa appeals to Supreme Court for medical marijuana access regulations

Medical MarijuanaThe federal state is heading to the judicial Court of Canada to determine that either medical marijuana patients have a right to cannabis butters, teas, oils and lotions.

Last month, The Public Prosecution service appealed for the decision of B.C.’s in the Owen Smith case. On 14th of August, The appeal Court said that the medical marijuana legalization is Unconstitutional.

Two of the judges ignored the federal government’s appeal in the case of Owen Smith. Back in 2009, He was charged for the Illegalized possession of marijuana after the police officers found marijuana cookies, grape seed oil and olive oil in an apartment.

With Smith’s trial, Lawyer has argued that the access to medical marijuana is unconstitutional, and it did not raise the State’s interest to protect the public safety. But they forced the patients to smoke medical marijuana, which was very harmful to them.

Finally, Judge Robert Johnston ruled that it was unconstitutional right to medical marijuana patients to use dried marijuana plants alone. Johnson gave a year to Health Canada to answer to his ruling.

Smith was executed out of drug offenses, and the Crown has appealed Johnston’s decision. The appealing notice is based on two questions: Either Smith has to challenge the constitutional rights of medical marijuana access regulations or either such regulations are not consistent with the Charter of Right and Freedom. Tousaw Said, No date has been fixed yet. He finds it as heartbreaking that the government will spend a huge amount of tax dollars to fight against patient’s right to get approved marijuana drugs in the form of cookies. He looks forward to the defense of patients before the Supreme Court. This is an exceptional case because the Supreme Court has dealt with such case.

Smith felt proud that he has represented the many medical marijuana patients who find relief from edible pot extracts.

Medical Marijuana has higher treating potency for Women than Men

Medical MarijuanaDr. Rebecca Craft has good news especially for female medical marijuana patients. The plant’s potency to treat the pain is higher in women than men. A psychology researcher and professor at Washington State University, Dr. Rebecca Craft reports that the existence of estrogen hormones explains this difference.

            Definitely, it’s not wholly good news. Higher level of estrogen also leads women to some of its negative side effects. Crafts highlight much influential marijuana as a catalyst for the research. She stated that medical marijuana is so different than it was before (around 40 years ago). She furthered that now, it is considerably lower in cannabidiol(CBD) and so higher in THC. So, a little bit leads to quite long way.

            Craft’s research shows that female rates are at 30% more likely to get benefit from pain relieving effects of THC. Alas! The research also founded that the negative side effects of medical marijuana are also much common for females as compared to males. Craft added that Women are at great risk with negative effects like confusion, pain attacks, anxiety, extreme paranoia or hallucinations

            However, Craft has been doing research on drug sensitivities in women female medical marijuana patients for so many years. She has manipulated the level of hormones to track out the changes in drug sensitivities and has determined that estrogen hormone is the cause behind it.

            What she finds with THC is that we get a clear-cut spur in drug sensitivities when the female medical marijuana patients are ovulating – Just right when their estrogen level goes higher and then are coming down.

The research also explores that female medical marijuana patients develop more tolerance to THC than males. Even with reducing the dosage in the drug sensitivity, females were still continued to develop more tolerance than males.

            According to the research, increased desire for junk food or the munchies effect sets males apart from females when it comes to medical marijuana’s effect.

55 % of Colorado’s adult supports Marijuana legalization

Marijuana legalizationColorado has begun to allow the sale of recreational use of Marijuana legalization on 1st January 2014. Colorado became the very first state in the whole nation to open the recreational pot stores and it will surely become the first place in the entire world where marijuana will be regulated and controlled from seed to sale.

        Colorado is just alright with its medical Marijuana legalization recreational weed. Recently, A poll of the state’ adult has conducted by NBC News and they found that around 55 % adult voters still are in favor of law, 41% of the adult population opposes the law and just 8% of the adult population are really trying to turn over the legislation, and it is not something surprising. In Nine months into Marijuana legalization, Colorado’s legal weed experiment has been achieving a great success.

            The supporters of Marijuana legalization argue that legal marijuana will surely generate tax revenue for the state government without being causing sufficient risks to public health. The specifics of legal marijuana may also differ from state to state. For instance, Washington bans house-hold growing marijuana plants for recreational use, while Colorado allows each household citizen to grow up approximately six marijuana plants for recreational usage.

            Now, Schools have received a donations in excessive quantity at around $1 million, Crime cases in Colorado is declining throughout the board, and recreational sales have just exceeded medical sales within the Nine Months into Marijuana legalization.

            The magnitude and significance of this great success is still need to be determined, but U.S put a microscope Colorado and the state has qualified the test with flying colors. Marijuana slowly but for sure, Marijuana legalization is becoming a great part of America lore.