Marijuana Stocks – The BEST industry to invest into


Marijuana companies are going public and are set to take over the medicinal marijuana industry. Companies such as Canopy Growth Corp [WEED], for example are on track to reach over 20 dollars a share by years end. Currently shares in the company are trading at about 8 dollars but it could soon be much more according to market analysts.

Many companies are making big moves and working on acquisitions to position themselves strategically in the ever-growing industry. With legalization just around the corner in many parts of the world including Canada and perhaps even the United States, companies that position themselves in the right way, are going to see unprecedented growth in the upcoming years!

Canopy Growth Corporation-Tweed Marijuana Inc. Renamed CGC
These guy’s are making serious moves! Now is the time to invest!

Though there are many up and coming businesses, the reason why Canopy Growth sticks out is simply due to their growth strategy. They are doing what NIKE did years ago, by partnering up with key players within the industry. Recently they partnered up with Snoop Dogg’s company Leafs, and several others as well!

You could say that, the marijuana industry is currently the best and most profitable industry to get into. In the next following years companies such as Canopy Growth could potentially reach $100 a share!

If there’s a time to get your foot in the door within the budding industry, now is the time! Remember Google when the internet was still in it’s early years? Well this company could be the Google of the marijuana don’t snooze, or you might lose!



Work From HOME and RETIRE EARLY!!- as a Marijuana Affiliate

The marijuana industry is booming and it’s still mostly illegal around the globe. However changes are coming, and they’re coming fast! Many people who are aware of the upwards trend are getting in early and cashing in on this HUGE CHUNK of CHANGE. The marijuana pie in the U.S alone is set to hit the $22,000,000,000.00 mark by the year 2020!

Marijuana Sales are set to sky-rocket in the upcoming years!

For those that wish to get in on the “GREEN GOLD RUSH” there is no better time then the present! Many companies that have been high successful with mail order marijuana programs and now offer individuals the option to become AFFILIATE MARKETERS.

Websites such as BuyWeedOnline.CA now offer Affiliate Programs for those looking to earn on-going residuals income(s) by referring paying customers to their site!

Buying weed online is becoming more and more a common practice amongst business professionals looking to consume marijuana. Buying weed from illegal pot shops or dispensaries doesn’t seem like an appealing option to those aware of marijuana laws within the region. A criminology and sociology professor by the name of Frank Cormier recently stated “The whole climate around the use and sale of marijuana is really changing”. Canada Post provides specific instructions on marijuana shipping and allows authorized distributors to ship via the mail. Canada Post says that the marijuana must be sealed in such a way that the product can’t be smelled, and the package can’t be labeled in any way that would indicate what’s inside. Their intent is basically to reduce the chance of theft within the mailing system. Recently a marijuana legalization advocate Dana Larsen sent a “sample” of marijuana through the mail to every Liberal member of Parliament! His goal he said, was to “re-familiarize” the Members with the “pleasant effects” of marijuana in hopes of reminding them to stay true to their election promises!

BuyWeedOnline.CA is the leading distributor of marijuana in Canada.

So there you have it, the industry is booming and it is only going to continue to do so. There is no better time than right now to get involved and start making a handsome on-going residual income simply by re-directing traffic or sending individuals to such a portal.

Colorado is Setting Rules for Marijuana-infused Foods

Marijuana IndustryThe marijuana experiment of Colorado is threatened by the fame of eating it rather than smoking it. This leads the marijuana industry to join state regulators and health officials to try to curb the issue of users ingesting too much marijuana. A task force that met recently planned to begin working on refining the rules of Colorado on edibles, the industry term for marijuana that has been infused and concentrated into drink or food.

Dr. George Sam Wang, a well-known doctor in Colorado said that he is trying to figure out how to come up with a reasonable THC amount or concentration in proportion in edibles to product safety size. Dr. George is a pediatric emergency physician who treats toddlers and children who fell ill after eating marijuana.

Marijuana-infused foods are booming in the new recreational market of the state. Many choose edible marijuana because they are concerned with health issues about smoking the marijuana. Others are visitors who are not able to find a hotel that enables toking and are stymied by a rule barring public outdoor marijuana smoking. Whether through confusion or inexperience, many are eating too much marijuana too quickly, resulting in potentially deadly consequences.

Recently, a college student from Wyoming jumped from a Denver hotel balcony last and died after consuming 6 times the recommended dose of a marijuana-infused cookie. And a few days back Denver man shoots his wife reportedly after eating marijuana-laced candy before the attack, although police say he might have had other drugs in his system.

All the deaths are underscoring a common complaint from new marijuana consumers. The customers do not know that how much marijuana to consume, this is why they have unpleasant experiences after they ingest too much. Colorado has already limited THC, which is an intoxicating chemical in marijuana in edible products to 10mg each serving, having a maximum of 10 servings per package. Marijuana varies widely in quality and potency because exact comparisons are tricky, however, 10mg of THC is roughly considered equivalent to the amount in a medium-sized joint. The marijuana industry is improving with great pace all around the country.

Medical Marijuana Industry of Canada

medical marijuanaOn 1st April, 2014 the new regulations of Canada opened up the medical marijuana supply to licensed large scale growers. In spite, the industry is in its infancy, several public companies are involved, such as, Lexaria, Enertopia, Creative Edge Nutrition, Supreme Pharmaceuticals, Medican and Tweed.

Under the previous regulations, which was known as MMAR (Medical Marijuana Access Regulations) medical users were permitted to grow their personal marijuana, or a third party can also grow it for them. Around 30,000 out of the 40,000 registered users did this, at the same time as the remainder bought from sole supplier of Health Canada at a subsidized price of $5 per gram.

The new regulations of MMPR are intended to control illegal sales, and put tighter controls on the medical marijuana quality. Under the new laws, the growing of marijuana at home would be illegal, and patients will have to purchase it from a limited number of large scale licensed suppliers.

Tweed Marijuana Inc, a well-known public company has already entered this industry. It trades on the TSX venture exchange under the symbol TWD and on the grey market in the United States. Other licensed growers are also showing interest to go public by manner of reverse takeovers, and multiple other public companies have publicized proposals to enter the medical marijuana business and to apply for a production license in Canada.

If a Company wants to grow marijuana, it has to get a license from Health Canada. The process to apply for a license includes filling out a set of security clearance, a 15 page application form and sending details of the proposed growing facility. The main personnel involved in the processing and growing of marijuana have to have a security clearance that actually verifies that they have no preceding criminal record.

As soon as the application is submitted, it will be reviewed for completeness. The security clearance forms will be sent to the police for proper checking. This process may take several months. Once security checks are finished, the Health Canada will assess and review the plans for the proposed facility. The main purpose of this review is to make sure that the facility will have the essential security features. The end user should deal with the grower directly, although licensed growers are permitted to sell medical marijuana to one another.