Edmonton Set to Become the Center for Marijuana in Canada

Edmonton Set to Become the Center for Marijuana in Canada

Aurora Cannabis is a massive producer of Medical Marijuana in Canada (as a matter of fact they are the world’s largest legal marijuana production facility) and they are currently building a gigantic production and processing facility right next to the Edmonton International Airport!

The company has invested in excess of $100 million dollars into a 75,000-square-metre project which is expected to be completed prior or right in time for legalization by July 2018.

Cam Battley who is the vice-president of Aurora Cannabis was quoted as saying “I think we have the beginnings of what could turn into cluster, a centre of excellence with respect to cannabis”. He continued with, “our presence at the airport is going to draw other companies that want to partner with us and our partners. The creation of Aurora Sky, this enormous facility, is going to be a major magnet for additional investment that we haven’t even anticipated yet.”

Marijuana-LeafMarijuana as an industry is BOOMING and it is only set to make unprecedented leaps forwards as legalization looms near. Many are using marijuana for their various needs and ailments. Irene Donohue who is a patient advocate and educator (she is the owner of Cannabis Concierge Services) says “medical cannabis patients, they’re your mothers, they’re your parents, they could be your neighbours or the kid down the street.”

Anemone Ruder who is an Edmonton resident said she is most concerned with the quality control. “It needs to be controlled so that you get a decent product,” Ruder said Sunday. “Just like when you go out and buy booze, you get beer that doesn’t kill you.” Many marijuana dispensaries have no form of quality control and simply buy low and sell high to increase their profit margins. Sites such as BUYWEEDONLINE.CA and Saveonweed.ca ensure there is some sort of quality control with hired staffs working hard to only let patients or customers access high-grade or high quality weed strains.



It’s High Time for Decriminalizing Marijuana

decriminalizing marijuanaPeter MacKay, Justice Minister in Vancouver reiterated that he will consider decriminalizing marijuana laws of Canada particularly, treating small-time ownership like a traffic violation instead a criminal matter. Prime Minister Stephen Harper expressed openness to the position of the CACP (Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police) that also has declared that it is appropriate to ticket in some circumstances. Jim Prentice, who is a would-be Progressive Conservative leader of Alberta, said that people should not be jailed just because they try to smoke a joint.

In essence, Prentice, Harper and Messrs. MacKay all has declared themselves open to the idea to decriminalize marijuana laws, which the National Organization of United States for the Reform of Marijuana Laws describes as no criminal record or prison time for first-time ownership of a small amount of marijuana for personal consumption. This is essentially twice proposed by the Liberals last decade. However, at every opportunity, three of them insisted they are not open for decriminalizing marijuana.

Any of these gentlemen can possibly argue not to support the decriminalization, their arguments were bad ones. For instance, Mr. Prentice is thinking that police should decide themselves that whether to lay charges or not. However, that is quite much what’s happening these days. In 2012, more than 41.5 % of citizen in Canada reported that they have used marijuana in their lifetimes. In case Mr. Prentice does not think that small-time possessors of marijuana should go to jail, then why left it up to police?

This same question also applied to Harper and Messrs. MacKay in a narrower sense: They say that they are considering CACP proposal, which will give officers the option of pursuing criminal charges or writing a ticket as written currently. The Conservatives are not generally in the business to grant the justice system discretion. They were last seen to implement ludicrously harsh minimum sentences on the marijuana files, for instance, 6 months for growing 6 or more plants. Now, they say that they may be willing to leave it up to the police. Mr. Prentice said that he has raised his daughters in Alberta and he is in the view of decriminalizing marijuana.

Canadas Mail Order Marijuana Status

Marijuana Canada Legal Status



Mail order marijuana is a god’s blessing for many Canadian’s who are either sick of buying from crap dealers, or sick of the bad quality most people are subject to.  McChronalds is a Canadian mail order marijuana service service Canada only.  We do not ship out of the country.


mail order marijuanaIf the production of marijuana is profitable to the Canadian market then why not go for it other then the fact that it will land you in jail for 6 months? It’s expected that legalization is provided to more American states, Canadian market would not stand a chance, until and unless they mark their territory by stepping into the market as a Licensed Producers for the medical marijuana.

Almost all the legit companies openly selling cannabis by mail are Canadian-based, and only ship inside Canada. There is absolutely no need to take rides to the dispensaries, as the weed product offered to you in the mail order marijuana store range from bud form to tinctures, hash, extracts and luscious THC treats to flatter your taste buds.

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About the legalization issues, you have certainly nothing to stress about, according to a recent  Angus Reid poll tells us that 53% of the people who polled were in favor of the legalization. One shocking change over the years were the doctors who later approved marijuana for patients with enervating situations. The legality of Cannabis growing in Canada is still under dispute, but it can be used for medical purposes. It has made a remarkable boost in the industry for Canada due to their medical provisions, the producers will be on the spotlight this year. Despite, of the troubles it cause them, they still managed to be listed in the few countries where medical marijuana is legal nationwide and where licensed operators can mass-produce it.

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