How Do I Safely Consume Marijuana / Cannabis / Weed?

How Do I Consume My Marijuana?

Ways To Consume Cannabis

Smoking A Marijuana Cigarette
Smoking A Joint

How To Smoke Your Marijuana

Smoking cannabis is by far the best way to get high, but may not be the best way to treat your medical conditions side affects like eating, sleeping, and lowering blood pressure.  When you smoke cannabis, it is directly absorbed by your lungs going directly to your brain.  This causes a quick high, and fast relief of most medical conditions negative symptoms.

How To Roll A Marijuana Cigarette

In order to roll a marijuana cigarette or a “Joint”, you will need a few things.

  1. Scissors
  2. Rolling Papers “Zig Zag White”
  3. Business Card or Thin Cardboard “Remove Ink & Shiny Stuff”
  4. Marijuana / Cannabis / Pot / Weed / Dank / Stupid Stuff

A) The first thing you want to do is take apart the bud and remove all the hard sticks and stems.  If you do not do this you will taste it and possibly will break threw the paper rendering the marijuana cigarette useless.

B) Once you remove all the bud from the stock/stem, you need to cut it up very well, like tobacco almost.  Spend a minute or two cutting up the bud really by placing small pieces between your thumb and pointer finger using the scissors to cut the bud held between your fingers.  Another easier way to do this especially if you have week hands is to use a shot glass.  Place the broken up small pieces of bud into the shot glass and place the scissors in the shot glass.  Start chopping making sure you keep the weed in the shot glass.  I will want to bounce out but if you place your hand over top with the scissors between your other hands thumb and pointer you can keep it all in the glass without spilling any.  The other way is to get a weed grinder at your local head shop, or you can also go to Wall Mart and get a $15 coffee grinder.  They work great!  I prefer the scissors because I don’t loose any THC for my joint.

C) Once you have chopped up your weed extremely well, like dry oregano you get in a package you will get about 0.5g or

about a half a gram.  Take one paper out of the package and place your weed in the middle of the paper.  With your fingers scooped forward you and your thumbs pointing up, roll the weed inside the paper back and forward till it starts to form a cylinder.  Be very careful not to squeeze too tight or you will not be able to suck threw the joint.

D) Once you have rolled the weed into a cylinder and the paper is following the roll, flip the part with no glue into the corner of the opposite side of the cylinder rolling the weed into the paper like you would roll a person up in a carpet.  Lick the glue and roll it over sealing the cannabis cigarette and is now ready to smoke.

E) OPTIONAL:  Take a strip of cardboard or business card and roll it up into a filter.  Squeeze the filter into one end of the joint so its easier to smoke and you don’t end up with huge marijuana cigarette buts or “Roaches”

F) Light it using anything except a match.  The sulphur in the match will make your joint taste like chemicals.  Take a puff and inhale deeply holding your breath for at least 5 seconds.  Exhale, and take a few breaths to clear all the smoke out of your lungs.  Repeat the process 3 – 5 times and lightly put the joint out.  If you feel the need to further medicate your self repeat the process 3 – 5 more times and put the joint out again.  Repeat until pain is gone.

How To Smoke A Bong
Smoking A Bong

Smoking A Bong

In order to smoke a bong all you need a bong, lighter/matches, and some weed.  Simply place a small amount of weed inside the bong and light it.  Make sure to cover the shotgun hole.  Shotgun hole?  A shotgun hole is the hole at the back of the bong that allows you to empty the chamber in 1 quick hoot.

How To Eat Your Marijuana

You can eat marijuana just like you can eat a carrot only weed probably wont taste as good.  The most popular way people eat marijuana is to prepare baking butter infused with THC and CBD “active ingredients in marijuana”.  The other popular way is to make a tea just like you make your tea now in the morning, only you put weed in the tea cup with your tea bag.

Making Baked Goods

Marijuana Sweets
Cannabis Cookies and Baked Goods

The best way to make baked goods with marijuana is to make butter.  In order to make cooking butter with cannabis, “Not To Be Confused With Smoking Butter (2 Completely Different Types Of Butter)”.  In order to make butter you will need a few things.

  1. At least 10 grams of marijuana.
  2. Pair Of Sissors / wisk / stuff around kitchen (Nothing special)
  3. Strainer
  4. Small Container or Mini Banana Bread baking dish
  5. 1 Full Brick Of Butter (1lb)
  6. Frying Pan
  7. Heat Source / Stove

A) Cut all the weed up as fine as you can get it.  I would recommend using scissors instead of a buster or grinder because we are trying to keep ALL the crystals and cannabanoids.  Make sure your weed is cut up as fine as coffee grinds.  If your hands are too week to cut it like that.  Trust me!  Ask anyone  20 – 50 years old to help you.  They will chuckle but guaranteed they are totally cool with what you are doing.

Marijuana Cooking Butter
Weed Butter

B) Place the brick of butter in a frying pan or small pot and put it on 3 – 4 on your stove.  Once the butter is fully melted and is bubbling pour all your cut up cannabis into it slowly.  Be careful!  This is hot butter and can splash up on you when you put the weed in.  Reduce the heat on the stove string, whisking, and what ever.  You could use what ever to stir.  I would cook the weed in the butter for about 5 minutes.  You DO NOT want the butter to burn or you will end up very disappointed.  So make sure if you decide to be inpatient and increase the heat you are on your own.  I’m sure if you are a cook you can regulate your heat from experience.  But for all you who do not know how to cook, just do it slowly on 3 – 4 on your stove.  After about 5 minutes the butter will be green and the weed will have lost most of its THC and CBD.  Use a strainer to remove the plant matter keeping only your weed butter.  Pour the hot butter into a small mini banana bread loaf pan or something to solidify your butter again.  Put the pan in the fridge, NOT the freezer.  Once solidified you have weed butter to cook with.  Simply follow recipe and use weed butter instead of regular butter.  Be careful if you use more than 10 grams in a batch of 12 cookies for example.  You should only have 1 cookie every 4 hrs.  You can make any baked good though.  I have been asked about spreading the butter on toast.  The only way I could get it down was with cinnamon and sugar added.

Making Tea

Its very easy to make tea.  Simply cut up your weed and put it in your tea cup.  Leave the weed in the cup.  Make sure your water is extremely hot!

How To Make A Suppository Out Of Marijuana

Marijuana Suppositories
Marijuana Suppositories

The only people I have ever heard of using suppositories of this type was for some type of cancer that was up their.  My grandfather has colon cancer but many other cancers exist in that region. The difference between the 3 types of suppository’s below is what chemicals are present.  To make a simple suppository just use the weed suppository recipe.  If you are really trying to target a specific medical condition the choice between THC and CBD is few extra steps previous to preparing weed suppository’s.

THC Suppository

In order to make a pure THC suppository you will need to remove the THC crystals from the plant.  To do this their is many ways.  I prefer to use ice and cold water.

CBD Suppository



To make a CBD suppository you will remove the THC and only use the plant matter.  To remove the CBD from the marijuana you will need 99.9% alcohol like methanol.  Methanol evaporates completely with the help of water.  Here are the other ingredients you will need.

  1. 99.9% Alcohol “Methanol”
  2. Slow Cooker $9.99 at WalMart
  3. Strainer
  4. Saleable container

A) Once you have removed the THC crystals for your weed, you will need to place it in a container or jar.  Fill the jar with methanol and leave set.  You can shake or stir the jar regularly until you see the colour of the methanol turn dark green or even black if you have enough cannabis in it.

B) Once you see the colour of the methanol turn dark strain the plant matter out and pour the methanol in the slow cooker.

C) Place the slow cooker outside at least 15 feet from the house and turn on low with the cover OFF.

D) Pour about a cup of water in the solution and leave set until everything has evaporated and you are only left with sticky  tar or “Weed CBD Oil”.  Use a razor or bank card to scrape all the oil into 1 area.  Put the oil into a small glass jar that you can get at your local head shop.

Now that you have your weed oil CBD extract you need to freeze it and put it up your bum.  You can learn how to do that using the 4 steps below for making weed suppositories only using the CBD extract instead of butter.

WEED Suppository

In order to make a weed suppository you basically copy the recipe above for butter only make it much stronger.  You will go a few extra steps to make little plugs for your bung hole.  For this you will need to get creative but here was a thought I just had.  To make your suppository you will need the following.

  1. The recipe for cannabis butter above
  2. Lots of tin foil
  3. Bullet or HARD suppository shaped object
  4. Freezer

You will need to make a mould to put your butter in.  They do not need to be huge.  Your butt hole has lots of things that will absorb what ever you put up it.  So the basics here is that you are trying to get butter up your bum.

A) Make a mould by making balls of aluminium and cut them in half.  Place the bullet or mould in between the 2 half’s of the aluminium ball and squeeze the 2 halves over the mould.

B) Place tin Saran Wrap to line the mould

C) Fill 2 halves of mould with butter and let solidify 30%.  Place 2 halves together and freeze.  Once frozen stick it up you butt.

How To Vaporize Marijuana So I Don’t Get Smoke

Volcano Vapourizer
Volcano Vapourizer


You can purchase a volcano for about $500 at your local head shop.

NO2 Vapourizer
NO2 Vapourizer


The NO2 is a good hand held vaporizer.  They work will.  Every vaporizer works differently but all do the same thing.