e-Weed ..The Business of Getting High (Online)

e-Weed ..The Business of Getting High (Online)

Marijuana is big business and as an industry it is only beginning to take off to new highs! It wasn’t long ago that acquiring high quality marijuana was a struggle. Most people would have limited access to strains of kush or BC bud. Many across the nation and around the globe had to settle for low quality weed in order to get high.


Most weed sold across the nation looks like this! Plentiful in seeds and stems; lacking in THC content

With BUY WEED ONLINE services Canadians from all across the nation can have access to the best weed available worldwide. You no longer have to resort to smoking “shwag” or “reggie”. Acquiring high quality weed seemed to be quite the challenge, yet now it’s easy as ever and you can have the best quality weed delivered straight to your front door like you’d get pizza delivered. It gets procured from the best marijuana sources in British Columbia, packaged and shipped straight to you, the customer!


Long gone are the days where you’d have to struggle to find good weed, and many individuals will attempt to sell you weed through online dispensaries. It is important to use caution however when dealing with such sites. A lot of the websites were founded by individuals looking to sell their own weed or sites where there is no quality control! Sites such as Buy Weed Online are the ONLY truly time tested and customer trusted sites out there!


Many of the online sources to acquire weed may have weed at an amazing seeming price, that seems almost to good to be true. But guess what? It usually is too good to be true. As a matter of fact, many of these sites are SCAM sites that are only out to take your money!


WEBSITES THAT DIRECTLY ask for your credit card info usually are ones to WATCH OUT for as well! IF THEY ARE LEGITIMATE they will always process your order via an online bank or PAYPAL or BITCOIN!! (A verified 3rd-party payment processor).






Medical Marijuana: Shop opens in Halifax’s North End

Medical MarijuanaA medical marijuana venture lounge smoothly opened its door this month in Halifax. At Gottingen Street, Farm Assists is a marijuana resource centre. The front of the store is filled by marijuana accessories and paraphernalia while a vapour lounge fills up the back portion.

This is the same vapour lounge where a 34 years old man, who does have a medical marijuana license yet, but has been utilizing medical marijuana to ease pain and anxiety rooting from a car accident 17 years ago. His back was injured really bad and he was given a lot of pain killers but nothing helped him more than marijuana.

He shattered his ankle a year and a half ago, and was in a lot of pain now, and for that too he has been using marijuana and it resulted quite useful. He is glad that this business is opened in Halifax where he can get his joint safely and remain out of trouble.

Medical MarijuanaThe place Farm Assists is bought by Chris Enns, who has a medical marijuana license in his possession that allows him to render cannabis for two people. But it is his plan to merchandise medical marijuana to those who have a license and a medical need for the stock.

According to him people continue to struggle on a daily basis to access medical marijuana from licensed producers. He fills that void, for a time being, by stepping out on that climb and aiding out those with a license beyond those two individuals.

But charges of his own are also faced by Enns. He is charged with possession of marijuana and resin for the purpose of trafficking. Both charges root from a raid in March 2013 at a prior marijuana hydrophonics store in Porters Lake. However, it is believed by Enns that the law is on his side when it comes to the legality of his store.

It is said by the owner that individuals of all age groups and endurings from different maladies, for instance, arthritis to cancer to epilepsy, have been coming to his door. He also stated that he didn’t have any bad communications with the police since the store opened but notes that there has been support from the community.

One of the supporter customer was Maggi Keddy, who used marijuana, though not medically, but still favored the pot shop and supported it. She stated that they need more medical marijuana shops like this one to make the people see how much of a benefit it is more than an issue.