McChronalds: Super Kush Nug Tips Only

AAAA Super Kush

This is the tips of the tops of the best Super Kush plants their were.  Only the premo buds for my premo customers!

Ive never actually been given a bag of buds that were only the tips of the plants. THANK YOU!!! HOLY F!  This stuff is Killer from the TOP to the bottom of the bag.  No in between buds at all!  Which kind of sucks because I like keeping those for oil. budder, shattr, and stuff.  The first thing I was presented with was a squished bud in my face saying “SMELL THAT???”… Whoa!  Yep, this stuff is absolutely by far the most Kushiest smelling Kush ive had that I can remember.  Plus the fact that is only the very tip/top parts of the tips of the buds.  OMG, a thing of beauty.  Im not even joking, Ive been getting spoiled lately like a mofo!  I really hope all you are happy, because  I sure as heck am.  The quality of the buds i’ve been getting lately have been Higher Quality and more THC… I wonder why???? Muaaaa haaa haaa ha  ahaaaha.

In my personal opinion, this is in the top 4 batches of Kush I have had in the past 12 months.  I do not have very much at all, and it will go quick. Please, if you have had the opportunity to try some of this can you please leave me some comments below :).

You can get this actual Super Kush from McChronalds after having your telephone consultation, you can Register Here.

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Ronald McChronald

Cotton Candy Sativa

Cotton Candy Sativa

This strain of bud smells like chocolate cookies or something.  I can’t put my finger on exactly what treat it smells like, but if any of you knows what im talking about please tell me below.  This stuff is probably the best tasting weed I have ever smoked.

What is Cotton Candy anyway?

Pure Cotton Candy, not to be mistaken with Cotton Candy Skunk “which this is not” is a mixture of 3 types of bud.  Basically its Hawaiian Sativa, Afghani, and a shit load of other skunks combined. So its like a Hippy, an Indian, and a Terrorist all got together and had a child.  It would be as crazy as smoking cotton candy in a tiny little white paper 🙂 lol!

This stuff tastes amazing!  Please, try smoking it before eating it.  Im not joking!  This stuff smells like it was sprayed with chocolate cookie juice or something.  It makes you think, what else is the good old marijuana plant good for?  Flavoring for food, perfume… The mind can only dream and start creating….. 🙂

My last batch of this stuff didn’t have nearly as much THC as this stuff.  Im telling you man, we are really pumping out the THC filled crystals.  Thats what McChronalds does ok, its packs crystal with THC and gives it to you.  We are crystal packers!…. OMG!  Thats my new name!  Crystal Packer… Ya, its kind of a dumb name but i want it!

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5th Generation Quadra Hybrid Kush

Just to let everyone know, that killer Quadra Hybrid Kush will be available again soon.  As you all know, this strain of bud only comes out 2 or 3 times a year.  And besides the Pink Kush in my opinion, the Quadra is the best weed i have ever smoked and had come back over and over again.  If you have not had the pleasure of smoking the best Kush on the planet then you should register at McChronalds and once you go threw your telephone consultation you can order some.  It should be ready this week and will be gone as im taking pre-orders lmfao.  Its that good boys and girls.. I have to do it this way… This stuff is the quads AAAA, never mind AAA+ BC Bud, this stuff takes it to another level.  AAAA Quadra Hybrid Kush.  Only from McChronalds.

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Check out the poll below to see what type of weed everyone likes the most, you will be surprised…. NOT! hahahah :).

Purple Kush

Worlds Most Purple “Purple Kush”

This stuff has more THC then I have ever seen on a PK.  If you have proof that it exists ill give you $100.

This stuff is heavy duty big booty trudy smoke.  Not for beginners or anyone who plans to do something using their brain after smoking.  Quite literally, i smoked one bowl of this and was zombifyed, and im a PRO smoker with a high tolerance level :).  I’m  id start with a puff or two, holy smokes.  And you will read that purple weed is caused by burning but this stuff is not burnt.  And in places its so dark purple it’s almost black.

Strength:  10 out of 10
Taste:  Hashy & Super Trashy 🙂
Amount Of THC:  THC LOADED 20% + BIG TIME!!!
Type: Indica

Heavy Hitting Kush

Chemo Afghani Kush | Heavy Hitting Paint Management


Chemo Afghani Kush – Heavy Hitting Pain Management


This is the stuff that killed Elvis!


Heavy | Moderate | Light


Stone:  Heavy
Taste: Heavy
Smoke: Light

This is such a nice strain.  The smoke is heavy and the stone is even heavier.  Its very smooth and almost caughless.  This would be a great strain for pain relief or calming affects.  If you have anxiety a few puffs of this will make your brain slow down a bit and run on a smooth wavelength.  I would suggest this to anyone who is a pot eater.  Some people refuse to smoke it but will put it in food.  This is fine but you want a strain that is very high in CBD.  Kush and Chemo have always been known for CBD.

Where To Buy Weed?  How Do I Get Marijuana?

Well, if you are asking this question look no further.  You have found the #1 Canadian mail order marijuana.  If you are a Canadian living in Canada you can now Buy BC Weed Online.  If you are an American you can always travel to Washington or Colorado where it is now legalized.  I would never suggest you go and wait on a street corner to pick up your weed from some drug dealer.  This is not only dangerous, but you never know what you are getting.  Who knows what chemicals were spraid on the weed to make you get even higher.

Why would people spray weed with chemicals to get you higher?

That’s simple, its because the weed they have sucks!  No one with a bran would ever spray weed that looks like this above.  If you had some bunk crap I could see it but that is not only Irresponsible, but its basically steeling, lying, poisoning, and should be considered a form of terrorism.  Think about it, you buy weed that someone sprays with an unknown chemical… Then you smoke it?

This is just 1 reason to not buy weed from drug dealers and to start buying it online from a professional.  The other main reason is privacy.  You can order marijuana online discreetly, a package shows up in your mailbox 5 – 10 days after you make your purchase.  If you need to find a place to buy weed you can visit McChronalds on Facebook.

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Ronald McChronald

Quadra Hybrid Kush | The Worlds Best Kush

Quadra Hybrid Kush

“This is the best Kush anyone has ever grown period!”

Worlds Strongest Kush Strain: Quadra Hybrid Kush
Strength: 11 out of 10
Taste:  Hashy & Heavy
Stone: Super Heavy Duty
Smell:  It Will Kill You! 🙂

So what the heck is Quadra Hybrid Kush anyway?  Well its a perfect combination of the 4 most popular and strongest strains of Kush known to man kind.  We took King Kush for its super loaded crystal formations that overlap each other like crazy. always 100% full with THC.  Just because the weed has tones of crystal doesn’t mean the crystal is filled with THC.  Ever think of that one?  Did you think it was the same?  NOPE!  The THC is an oil that grows inside the Crystal.  You need to do special things to the formed Crystals to induce them to VOMIT THC to the point of exploding.  See, these are some of the reasons why we charge a little more then the average Joe Schmoe.  WE KNOW THE SECRETS TO PREMO KUSH!

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King Kush 10 out of 10.  Super Strong, Kushy taste, but you can see that its so loaded with Crystal formations that you cant see much bud when up close.

OG KushOG Kush is also a 10 out of 10.  Its also super strong and has a very heavy hasy taste and smell.  If this strain is grown properly is should be rock hard.  OG Kush is the descent strain of bud I’ve had in my hands.  Literally hard as a rock because its so densely packed with crystal.

Hybrid Pink Kush
Hybrid Pink Kush is the #1 single best strain of Kush.  I don’t know what it was made from other then Kush but I do know it was super good.  Tied with the Quadra for Stoneyness too.

I don’t have any pictures of the Master Kush for some reason?…. The one thing about Master Kush that I really enjoy is the level of THC.  The crystal is always snow white “If Grown Properly” and is always FULL with THC.  It kind of resembles White Rhino or Northern Lights with its snow white crystal sugar coated everywhere.

The main reason a lot of you all don’t see this quality of weed local is because of the massive cost that is involved in putting out this level of product.  I’m talking $100k + grow rooms that are only 10 Feet X 20 Feet and consume less energy then you would think.  The technology that is available today allows you to grow in completely sterile environments free of smell with 99.999% light penetration, CO2, UVA/UVB, Ultraviolet, and so on.  Quarter Light Chemistry, Quarter Nutrients, Half Environment.  Everything needs to be perfect.  If you own a reef tank or a major planted aquarium, or a super successful LARGE aqua scape.  You already have the necessary thought process to grow this type of AAA+ Premo Weed.  Its kind of like keeping a puffer fish alive with all its other tank mates being happy.  Its really hard because it comes down to environment, light, and water conditions.  That’s pretty much it.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try any of this you better get it before its gone.  You can order weed online if you are a member of McChronalds.  If you don’t have a membership you can subscribe and see if you can get on the list.  Everyone is taking the max for the holidays.  Go to and subscribe.  I will call you and see if you are eligible.  Canadians only! Anyone from outside Canada will be ignored.

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Dr Sanjay Gupta


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The Best Weed In Years! Kush Hybrid

The Strongest Weed In Years Was Here And Gone 😦

King Kush AAA+++I had the pleasure of having the best BC bud i have had in years.  It was supposedly a Kush Hybrid but that’s all I knew about it.  The bag I got it in was so caked with crystal i had to take a picture of it.  Im telling you, not only was it more caked with crystal then ever before, but it was full of oil.  So heavy in CBD’s its the best example of wheel chair weed as you can get.

Im actually really sad that I didn’t keep it all for my self.  But, i guess i have to share it.  I could literally go on and on about this stuff its so good.

Its interesting how my HD camera makes a green peace of bud look purple.  The crystal and hares look the same with the naked eye but the bud turns purple close up.  You can see in the other pictures below that it is in fact green caked with crystal.

Its not even really plant matter, its gummy sticky stuff with such a beautiful smell and taste you probably wont experience this again for a long time and makes me sad.  I wish this quality was always available but i seriously think these are mistakes gone good.

Kush Hybrid AAA+++

This is another picture.  Look at the top of the bud… Its so loaded with crystal you cant even see the green.  Every single bud is like this.  If you were to make honey oil with this you would probably get 5 or 6 grams per ounce.

Strength: 25 out of 10
Taste: The best you ever had
Visual: Nicest you ever seen
Colour: Almost white

So you may ask your self… How do you get some of this?  Well you cant unless you ordered last week.  But i am your #1 connection for this quality bud.