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Canada Day Special Ends Tuesday

McChronalds Canada Day Specials

Im hoping all of you have had a chance to take advantage of the Canada Day specials at McChronalds.

Canada Day is coming fast.  Make sure you take advantage of our specials on this Maui Wowi and Old School OG.  You must be subscribed already.  If you are not a member of McChronalds please click here to register.

McChronalds 420 Special $10 Buds

From now till 420 get $10 and $15 buds when you make a purchase of $100 or more.  Super Kush and Purple Green Crack are the 2 awesome AAA+ Strains that are available.  Order here

Ronald McChronald will be at the annual 420 festival in the Heart of Downtown Vancouver at the ever famous Vancouver art gallery.  Well, its famous to us, i don’t know about the rest of Canada lol :).  We hope all Canadians all across the country have a happy, safe, and lifted 420 long weekend.

Don’t loose your chance to get $10 dollar buds from McChronalds one of the few times a year :).