21+ Should be the age to PURCHASE marijuana..according to EXPERTS

21+ Should be the age to purchase marijuana..according to experts

This is because the brain continues to develop up to the age of 25. Many teenagers who smoke marijuana don’t wholly understand the detrimental effects it can still have on their growing brains.

In many recent studies it was found that the brain CAN actually grow and create new pathways and brain cells. This is called neurogenesis and it occurs through various activities such as sports, yoga or meditation. More can be read on how marijuana can impact yoga or meditation here!

babyScience has also proven – and all major scientific and medical organizations agree – that marijuana can be addictive and even harmful to still developing brains. Yes, marijuana has countless amounts of benefits to the human body and potentially to one’s health. +(certain cannabinoids have been shown in lab tests and through various research -to eradicate and kill cancer cells amongst other various healing mechanisms). It is still the case, however, that teenagers should NOT be smoking marijuana because of the potentials risks to their still developing brain.

Like it or not however, your teenager will probably try pot or marijuana at least once in their lifetimes. So will their friends, perhaps. Canadians teens are twice as likely to smoke weed then adults who never have are. Canadians teenagers or adolescents actually have the highest rate of cannabis use in the developed world.

Medical-Marijuana-Sign-by-Caveman-Chuck-Coker-Flickr-300x282A total of 28 percent of teenage kids have admitted to using cannabis atleast once in the past year alone. Teenagers have a wider access to illegal “street weed” and more readily smoke marijuana that is contaminated with industrial pollutants -such as; herbicides, pesticides along with mold and mites. Many teenagers who also denied consuming marijuana were tested and it only confirmed their cannabis use.

Buy Weed Online has always ensured that NO ONE under the age of 21 accesses their products! This is a STRICT POLICY they have always strongly stood by. The government of Canada wishes to legalize access to anyone 19+ and we believe this is way to early for individuals to be smoking pot. Marijuana is essential to civil enhancements in the medical field however when smoked recreationally by teenagers they begin to abuse it. Many kids don’t smoke it for the medicinal benefits and only smoke whatever they can get their hands on in order to get “high”.

If your teenager smokes pot please have an intellectual conversation with him/her in order to help them better understand the potential risks to their still developing brain.









Can marijuana increase YOUR intelligence?

Can marijuana increase your intelligence? The answer can be quite difficult. For some it may be true that cannabis can impair or reduce short term memory (temporarily). For example you smoke too much weed and ate all the food in the fridge. When you wake up the next morning and walk over to the fridge you come to the realization that all the food in the house has been consumed. Was there a break-in? Hungry thieves perhaps? Or maybe your ex came over and secretly took all your food? Then you feel it, your stomach gets queezy and starts making some funny sounds. Grr-glug-grppp. You run to the bathroom and excrete what only seems like a truck-load of brown sludge. Ten minutes go by, and your still busy emptying out the contents of your tummy. You now know who ate all the food, as you start to recall all the chocolate you ate and ice cream and candies and chips. That left over meal from two weeks ago? Ya, you guessed it! You ate, that too!


Not an actual NOTE TO SELF..but you get the point!

The epiphany moment where you don’t feel too smart, hits ya. How could anyone possibly consume so much food? You accept what has happened and decide to carry on with your day. At around noon you feel like it’d be a good idea to smoke a little joint. You get your rolling papers and your weed and you begin busting up the nugs. You finish rolling your joint and reach into your pocket for your lighter. Ok, you reach into your other pocket, still searching for your lighter. You check both your back pockets, to no avail. You decide to give it another go, so you check all your pockets once again. Still, nothing! You think to yourself, okay, third time’s the charm! Still, nada.


So you begin searching in the cracks of the couch. Under the couch. Every drawer. But there’s no sign of a lighter anywhere in sight. Now you’re hungry, slightly moody and in desperate need of some chronic relief! You decide that your best bet is to head down to the store and kill two birds with one stone. So you grab your groceries and a pack of lighters, and get back to the task at hand.


This sort of struggle is very real for many pot smokers! But is it really all that bad? In comparison to most people’s problems on a day-to-day basis yours actually seems like a bit of a blessing! Millions of people suffer from various ailments that restrict them from being able to get up off the couch and make it to the fridge in the first place. Many around the world have no roof over their heads, no food in their fridge. Many could BENEFIT from marijuana, however they have limited or no access to the magical herb. Some simply can’t afford it.


With that being said, and all points being considered. You are actually better off then most, and to think earlier your biggest problem was that you couldn’t find your lighter. So, let’s go back to the question in the title. Can marijuana increase intelligence? Perhaps not, but that limited time of short term memory impairment can make you feel a little stupid. Do you actually become stupid? Well that’s another question, and the answer is, NO!


Marijuana consumption on a regular basis actually creates a white sort of film that coats the space between your brain and your skull. As soon as you stop smoking that film begins to reduce almost instantaneously. Even though this film may be the cause of your temporary memory impairment, it can actually be quite beneficial and could possibly play a major role in preventing mental illness or even Alzheimer’s at a later age! The coating has been shown to protect the brain from injury as well! For example, an individual who was a regular marijuana smoker had his skull smashed in from behind. This resulted in several major skull fractures, major brain injury, shattered vertebrae and his brain was squished to the point where it had nowhere to bleed out of, except from his ears. He seizured to death, however luckily was revived and had a second chance at life. Today that individual should be in a paralyzed or paraplegic state, however he is in full health both mentally and physically. As a matter of fact, the article you are currently reading is written by that very individual.


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Has weed made me smarter? Maybe, not. Did it coat my brain with a white film that potentially saved my life? I sure think so! At the end of the day, all I can say with complete certainty is that weed may have impaired my short term memory. However, in the long run I believe it opened my mind to new thoughts, it helped me explore and understand the world around me, as well as the world within. To top it all of, it may have lessened the likelihood of me ever getting Alzheimer’s, oh and it cushioned my brain from a potentially fatal blow, that would have definitely killed the average human being!




Profit And Benefits Of Marijuana

Medicinal Marijuana Budding All Over Canada

The profitable benefits of medicinal marijuana grow from day to day. In health, did you know that marijuana can assist in reversing the carcinogenic effects of tobacco? This insinuates it can also upsurge lung volume. It is very likely that the amplified lung capacity may be due to deep breaths while inhaling the drug, and not from a salutary substance in the medicine.

Did You Know?

To treat and prevent eye disease, medicinal marijuana is widely known for its effects with glaucoma, an ailment in which damages the optic nerve, triggering a loss of the ability to see. Therefore, Mary Jane could back to front, possibly, be the antidote to correcting, slowing the process, or even preventing a loss of sight.


– like the active ingredients in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (also known as THC) – manage seizures, tying to the brain cells in which are in charge for governing moodiness and regulating slackening. This implies to those of who may suffer from any form of epileptic seizures. A reduction, and/or, a total annihilation of this illness have also been acknowledged. And a fact that stands alone, worldwide? The dramatic reduction in one particular case of severe seizure disorder, better known as, Dravet’s Syndrome, 5 year-old, Charlotte Figi, who is being treated by her parents, a strain of medical marijuana high in cannabinoids and low in THC.

Marijuana can also stop cancer from spreading. It may decrease anxiety; but be aware; misuse can increase anxiety and make you extremely paranoid. It decelerates the development of Alzheimer’s, eases the pain of multiple sclerosis, and can even lessen side effects of hepatitis C, increasing treatment effectiveness. It relieves the pain of arthritis, helps your metabolism, has a healthier response to sugar, improves the symptoms of Lupus, and may be able to eliminate Crohn’s disease; the cannabinoids from marijuana seem to aid the belly, controlling germs and gastric function. With so many ways of helping you function in everyday life, there should be no wonder as into why this ‘miracle drug’ is being recognized and accepted by more law abiding citizens, professionals and physicians, day in and day out.

Not a smoker?

Here at McChronalds we understand that not everyone is a smoker. The good news for you is that there are a large and growing number of tasty edibles available. This is the best way to get the medicinal benefits without filling the air with a cloud of puff-puff pass.


Cooking With Marijuana

Cooking cannabis can be more positive, have more of an impacting result. The most obvious benefit is that your lungs are not harmed. It is a great option for people with asthma or any other severe breathing disadvantages. There is no risk of tar or other toxins getting into the lungs; and as long as the cannabis is properly cooked (to kill pathogens), you’ll be on your way to a healthier life. Methods include: An edible fat-based solvent – butter or oil – to absorb the active compounds in the weed; alcohol is also used in some claims. Extracts may also be made for contemporary medication, if needed. This method does require some learning on the part of the patient or caregiver. There are plenty edibles to choose. From liqueurs, oils and butter, to Space Cakes (Hash Cookies) and lollipops, there is a variety of enjoyable foods to sample and fall in love with overnight.

Additional Benefits Of Marijuana

The benefits of cooking with cannabis in many cases, far outweighs the profits of smoking it. Ask your physician if home economics with cannabis is a route you should take. It is important to learn a number of food preparation techniques with cannabis before carrying out a trial. Ask your physician for information and possibly even recipes. If your doctor cannot provide you with this information then a second preference would be to find a cannabis chef. Third, stalk the internet. However, be cautious. There is a large proportion of fabricated communication online about this topic in specific. So the advice would be to use your own judgment to determine the best options for your own healthiness, and seek a second opinion from someone a bit more experienced in the subject matter before you’re on cloud 9 – meaning a chef that specializes in the field.

Is Marijuana Better Then Alcohol?

Compared to alcohol consumption, medicinal marijuana should be considered a miracle drug. How can one not see the potential harm in the use alcohol? From drunk driving to domestic violence and even capital murder, there are no limitations on what the consumption of alcohol can do.

benefits of marijuanaWhen was the last time you heard of someone flipping out of their rocking chair to commit a senseless act of violence or mischievous act of delinquency after smoking marijuana? Maybe the usual, childish prank or possibly commit the crime of overindulging themselves with the munchies; but I haven’t heard of a case where a stoner would be driving dramatically over the speed limit, recklessly endangering the lives of innocent pedestrians or motorists. Nor have I heard of many cases where the defendant would blame the crime on Master Kush – though I’m pretty sure some would. What I have witnessed was the giggles, the cleaning effect, gamers trance, and, dude where’s my lighter; but never encountered the aggravated, wrathful smoker that’ll kill for the last clip.

Now in the case of drinkers; I would prefer not to go into detail. But as you know, heavy, long–term drinking can damage the liver, the organ chiefly responsible for breaking down alcohol into harmless byproducts and clearing it from the body. The consumption of alcoholic beverages can also have long term damaging effects on the brain, stemming from difficulty walking, distorted visualization, incoherent communication, decelerated response spells and damaged recollection, blackouts and/or memory lapse. Some of these impairments are detectable after a few drinks, swiftly diminishing within 24 hours or so of consumption. In contrast, one who drinks profoundly over stretched periods of time may have brain deficits that persist well after the consumer’s abstinence. Marijuana cannot, of course, cure these ailments; though marijuana is by far less harmful. How alcohol affects the brain, and the likelihood of reversing the impact of heavy drinking on the brain, remain hot topics in alcohol research to this day.

Advanced technology will have an important role in developing therapeutic remedies for alcoholics, as no alcoholic is alike. Clinicians can use brain-imaging techniques to monitor the course – and success – of treatment because imaging can reveal structural, functional, and biochemical changes in living patients over time. Promising new medications also are in the early stages of development, as researchers strive to design therapies that can help prevent alcohol’s harmful effects and promote the growth of new brain cells to take the place of those that have been damaged by alcohol.

Now since you’ve just received the run-down of positives and negatives I’m sure you’re ready to tip the bottle and generate heat and light into a combustible; or maybe head into the kitchen with your recipe book. But before you make that brilliant decision I would like to say that McChronalds is Canada’s leading mail order marijuana service, helping professional Canadians and those who need access. We only provide the highest quality BC bud that can be accessed. Marijuana doesn’t get much better quality then what McChronalds provides to Canadians.

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