Cotton Candy Sativa

Cotton Candy Sativa

This strain of bud smells like chocolate cookies or something.  I can’t put my finger on exactly what treat it smells like, but if any of you knows what im talking about please tell me below.  This stuff is probably the best tasting weed I have ever smoked.

What is Cotton Candy anyway?

Pure Cotton Candy, not to be mistaken with Cotton Candy Skunk “which this is not” is a mixture of 3 types of bud.  Basically its Hawaiian Sativa, Afghani, and a shit load of other skunks combined. So its like a Hippy, an Indian, and a Terrorist all got together and had a child.  It would be as crazy as smoking cotton candy in a tiny little white paper 🙂 lol!

This stuff tastes amazing!  Please, try smoking it before eating it.  Im not joking!  This stuff smells like it was sprayed with chocolate cookie juice or something.  It makes you think, what else is the good old marijuana plant good for?  Flavoring for food, perfume… The mind can only dream and start creating….. 🙂

My last batch of this stuff didn’t have nearly as much THC as this stuff.  Im telling you man, we are really pumping out the THC filled crystals.  Thats what McChronalds does ok, its packs crystal with THC and gives it to you.  We are crystal packers!…. OMG!  Thats my new name!  Crystal Packer… Ya, its kind of a dumb name but i want it!

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