21+ Should be the age to PURCHASE marijuana..according to EXPERTS

21+ Should be the age to purchase marijuana..according to experts

This is because the brain continues to develop up to the age of 25. Many teenagers who smoke marijuana don’t wholly understand the detrimental effects it can still have on their growing brains.

In many recent studies it was found that the brain CAN actually grow and create new pathways and brain cells. This is called neurogenesis and it occurs through various activities such as sports, yoga or meditation. More can be read on how marijuana can impact yoga or meditation here!

babyScience has also proven – and all major scientific and medical organizations agree – that marijuana can be addictive and even harmful to still developing brains. Yes, marijuana has countless amounts of benefits to the human body and potentially to one’s health. +(certain cannabinoids have been shown in lab tests and through various research -to eradicate and kill cancer cells amongst other various healing mechanisms). It is still the case, however, that teenagers should NOT be smoking marijuana because of the potentials risks to their still developing brain.

Like it or not however, your teenager will probably try pot or marijuana at least once in their lifetimes. So will their friends, perhaps. Canadians teens are twice as likely to smoke weed then adults who never have are. Canadians teenagers or adolescents actually have the highest rate of cannabis use in the developed world.

Medical-Marijuana-Sign-by-Caveman-Chuck-Coker-Flickr-300x282A total of 28 percent of teenage kids have admitted to using cannabis atleast once in the past year alone. Teenagers have a wider access to illegal “street weed” and more readily smoke marijuana that is contaminated with industrial pollutants -such as; herbicides, pesticides along with mold and mites. Many teenagers who also denied consuming marijuana were tested and it only confirmed their cannabis use.

Buy Weed Online has always ensured that NO ONE under the age of 21 accesses their products! This is a STRICT POLICY they have always strongly stood by. The government of Canada wishes to legalize access to anyone 19+ and we believe this is way to early for individuals to be smoking pot. Marijuana is essential to civil enhancements in the medical field however when smoked recreationally by teenagers they begin to abuse it. Many kids don’t smoke it for the medicinal benefits and only smoke whatever they can get their hands on in order to get “high”.

If your teenager smokes pot please have an intellectual conversation with him/her in order to help them better understand the potential risks to their still developing brain.









e-Weed ..The Business of Getting High (Online)

e-Weed ..The Business of Getting High (Online)

Marijuana is big business and as an industry it is only beginning to take off to new highs! It wasn’t long ago that acquiring high quality marijuana was a struggle. Most people would have limited access to strains of kush or BC bud. Many across the nation and around the globe had to settle for low quality weed in order to get high.


Most weed sold across the nation looks like this! Plentiful in seeds and stems; lacking in THC content

With BUY WEED ONLINE services Canadians from all across the nation can have access to the best weed available worldwide. You no longer have to resort to smoking “shwag” or “reggie”. Acquiring high quality weed seemed to be quite the challenge, yet now it’s easy as ever and you can have the best quality weed delivered straight to your front door like you’d get pizza delivered. It gets procured from the best marijuana sources in British Columbia, packaged and shipped straight to you, the customer!


Long gone are the days where you’d have to struggle to find good weed, and many individuals will attempt to sell you weed through online dispensaries. It is important to use caution however when dealing with such sites. A lot of the websites were founded by individuals looking to sell their own weed or sites where there is no quality control! Sites such as Buy Weed Online are the ONLY truly time tested and customer trusted sites out there!


Many of the online sources to acquire weed may have weed at an amazing seeming price, that seems almost to good to be true. But guess what? It usually is too good to be true. As a matter of fact, many of these sites are SCAM sites that are only out to take your money!


WEBSITES THAT DIRECTLY ask for your credit card info usually are ones to WATCH OUT for as well! IF THEY ARE LEGITIMATE they will always process your order via an online bank or PAYPAL or BITCOIN!! (A verified 3rd-party payment processor).






HIGH TIMES – Sells Majority Stake for $42 Million Dollars

High Times – Marijuana Media Giant sells Majority Stake for $42 Million Dollars

High Times was founded in 1974 and has grown into several internet properties as well as created the Cannabis Cup (marijuana contest event).mergers-acquistions

The company has been valued at $70 million but has sold majority shares in the company to an investment firm known as Oreva Capital. Oreva saw High Times as ill-equipped to take advantage of massive opportunities for expansion. “I wouldn’t say the current company was sleeping at the wheel, but they haven’t optimized” says Oreva Capital found Adam Levin. High Times will now be known High Times Holding Company (HTHC).


Typically marijuana media sites such as Leafly or WeedMaps make about 60 dollars per user. In comparison High Times only earns about 17 cents per customers, which is a significant difference!

For investors or those looking to profit from the ever-growing marijuana industry now is the time to get in. Companies such as Canopy Growth Corp for instance are expected to grow ten-fold in the coming years!

With many companies merging and several acquisitions happening the playing field is ever-expanding and evolving. Many tech companies are also getting involved and currently it seems like the sky is the only limit!

Can marijuana increase YOUR intelligence?

Can marijuana increase your intelligence? The answer can be quite difficult. For some it may be true that cannabis can impair or reduce short term memory (temporarily). For example you smoke too much weed and ate all the food in the fridge. When you wake up the next morning and walk over to the fridge you come to the realization that all the food in the house has been consumed. Was there a break-in? Hungry thieves perhaps? Or maybe your ex came over and secretly took all your food? Then you feel it, your stomach gets queezy and starts making some funny sounds. Grr-glug-grppp. You run to the bathroom and excrete what only seems like a truck-load of brown sludge. Ten minutes go by, and your still busy emptying out the contents of your tummy. You now know who ate all the food, as you start to recall all the chocolate you ate and ice cream and candies and chips. That left over meal from two weeks ago? Ya, you guessed it! You ate, that too!


Not an actual NOTE TO SELF..but you get the point!

The epiphany moment where you don’t feel too smart, hits ya. How could anyone possibly consume so much food? You accept what has happened and decide to carry on with your day. At around noon you feel like it’d be a good idea to smoke a little joint. You get your rolling papers and your weed and you begin busting up the nugs. You finish rolling your joint and reach into your pocket for your lighter. Ok, you reach into your other pocket, still searching for your lighter. You check both your back pockets, to no avail. You decide to give it another go, so you check all your pockets once again. Still, nothing! You think to yourself, okay, third time’s the charm! Still, nada.


So you begin searching in the cracks of the couch. Under the couch. Every drawer. But there’s no sign of a lighter anywhere in sight. Now you’re hungry, slightly moody and in desperate need of some chronic relief! You decide that your best bet is to head down to the store and kill two birds with one stone. So you grab your groceries and a pack of lighters, and get back to the task at hand.


This sort of struggle is very real for many pot smokers! But is it really all that bad? In comparison to most people’s problems on a day-to-day basis yours actually seems like a bit of a blessing! Millions of people suffer from various ailments that restrict them from being able to get up off the couch and make it to the fridge in the first place. Many around the world have no roof over their heads, no food in their fridge. Many could BENEFIT from marijuana, however they have limited or no access to the magical herb. Some simply can’t afford it.


With that being said, and all points being considered. You are actually better off then most, and to think earlier your biggest problem was that you couldn’t find your lighter. So, let’s go back to the question in the title. Can marijuana increase intelligence? Perhaps not, but that limited time of short term memory impairment can make you feel a little stupid. Do you actually become stupid? Well that’s another question, and the answer is, NO!


Marijuana consumption on a regular basis actually creates a white sort of film that coats the space between your brain and your skull. As soon as you stop smoking that film begins to reduce almost instantaneously. Even though this film may be the cause of your temporary memory impairment, it can actually be quite beneficial and could possibly play a major role in preventing mental illness or even Alzheimer’s at a later age! The coating has been shown to protect the brain from injury as well! For example, an individual who was a regular marijuana smoker had his skull smashed in from behind. This resulted in several major skull fractures, major brain injury, shattered vertebrae and his brain was squished to the point where it had nowhere to bleed out of, except from his ears. He seizured to death, however luckily was revived and had a second chance at life. Today that individual should be in a paralyzed or paraplegic state, however he is in full health both mentally and physically. As a matter of fact, the article you are currently reading is written by that very individual.


If you want the highest quality weed..these guys have got it

Has weed made me smarter? Maybe, not. Did it coat my brain with a white film that potentially saved my life? I sure think so! At the end of the day, all I can say with complete certainty is that weed may have impaired my short term memory. However, in the long run I believe it opened my mind to new thoughts, it helped me explore and understand the world around me, as well as the world within. To top it all of, it may have lessened the likelihood of me ever getting Alzheimer’s, oh and it cushioned my brain from a potentially fatal blow, that would have definitely killed the average human being!




Marijuana Stocks – The BEST industry to invest into

Marijuana companies are going public and are set to take over the medicinal marijuana industry. Companies such as Canopy Growth Corp [WEED], for example are on track to reach over 20 dollars a share by years end. Currently shares in the company are trading at about 8 dollars but it could soon be much more according to market analysts.

Many companies are making big moves and working on acquisitions to position themselves strategically in the ever-growing industry. With legalization just around the corner in many parts of the world including Canada and perhaps even the United States, companies that position themselves in the right way, are going to see unprecedented growth in the upcoming years!

Canopy Growth Corporation-Tweed Marijuana Inc. Renamed CGC

These guy’s are making serious moves! Now is the time to invest!

Though there are many up and coming businesses, the reason why Canopy Growth sticks out is simply due to their growth strategy. They are doing what NIKE did years ago, by partnering up with key players within the industry. Recently they partnered up with Snoop Dogg’s company Leafs, and several others as well!

You could say that, the marijuana industry is currently the best and most profitable industry to get into. In the next following years companies such as Canopy Growth could potentially reach $100 a share!

If there’s a time to get your foot in the door within the budding industry, now is the time! Remember Google when the internet was still in it’s early years? Well this company could be the Google of the marijuana industry..so don’t snooze, or you might lose!


Ordering Weed By Mail – Can you buy weed online?

Ordering Weed By Mail – Can you buy weed online?

Can you really buy weed online and have it delivered to your door?…..  YES!

If you are a Canadian living in Canada you can order pot online by going to “buy weed online”.  This service was set up by a marijuana connoisseur.  Its a program that allows you go threw a quick 10 minute consultation to find out what type of smoker you are, what your smoking experience is, and what types of weed you enjoy.

We want to have a conversation with you to gauge your maturity.  Its the only way we are able to distinguish between adults and minors.  Even though you can now order weed online without meeting anyone doesn’t mean we are not screening every person to ensure we are not selling to minors.

 As sad as it sounds, my two mothers sisters got me smoking weed at the age of 13.  Pretty pathetic if you ask me.  The truth is though, my mother died and i was suffering from depression.  Smoking weed allowed me to interact with the general public again.

Im not telling you to give weed to kids.  Im telling you i was very depressed from loosing a loved one and was not able to do anything.  Smoking gave me a sense of care free or the ability to relax my thoughts and mentally meditate.

Gota love it! Look at the hindu with the big a$$ turban enjoying a blunt and
bouncin to the beat of 420 2013 at the art gallery in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  And the best part about it is that his wife is around somewhere doing the same thing. lol!  Who said you had to be so strict hehe!

You can not achieve the same feeling with Alcohol.  I think most alcohol is crap.   I hate the feeling of being buzzed of alcohol.  You cant  function properly, your impaired, and feel crappy the next day.

This is why i think we should all give up the alcohol and start using it for fuel instead of a way to relax.  Roll up a joint, kick back, and relax…… Really relax!

Best regards,

Ronald McChronald




A rant & rave with some King Kush

Over the past little while I have came past a few people that just plain out pissed me off all though i tried not to show it.  Why would anyone communicating with me trying to buy bc bud online tell me that its supposedly illegal, and go on and on about why its illegal like they are trying to scare me into doing some ridiculous favor for them Free.  I have had some cases much worse then others for many different reasons.  What i always find is that the individual giving all the threats are actually just being bully’s using the fact that Marijuana is considered a drug “You Just Sound Stupid Saying That!” just means you need some advancement in your knowledge about this miracle plant.  But that’s besides the point.

What i cant understand is what kind of people these ladies and men are that make legal threats to me and then apologize about it once they realize they are being completely ridiculous because of the nature of my business.  As of last week, NO MORE marijuana grow licenses will be given out to the public.  The government is privatizing the business to 2 Canadian corporations.  “Yaay! 😦 NOT!”.  Anyway, of the 13,000 + people that have been growing their own medicine for the past 5 years, do you think they are going to stop?  Some, but most nope.  They will be considered criminals.  But really they are not.

For any Canadian calling someone a criminal for growing their own medicine is crazy and should be in a 3rd world country.  This is Canada and their is no room for that kind of attitude here.  Also, we have no time for people that want to try to use it as a tool to hurt people that are helping people and ensuring save consumption and controlling the subjects.

Why does the government always have to be in control of everything?  Because that’s their job!

You know, i agree that finding those outdoor grow ops that are like 5000, 10,000, + are good to remove because they are clearly done by organized crime and that amount of outdoor weed first of all, its generally crap, diseased, semi rotten, full of bugs stuck to it, bird shit on it, and so many other disgusting things that the growers do not remove that you are basically smoking crap literally.

Small indoor grow ops are usually don’t by marijuana connoisseurs.  The plants are babied one by one and kept in the cleanest, most optimal conditions possible.  Indoor ops can use the advantage of CO2, and many cool ways of pest control without chemicals or pesticides.  This link shows you a website that sells special insects that eat the bad insects that can show up on your plants if not kept clean enough.  http://www.greenandclean.ca/spider-mite-predators.html

If you get true AAA+ bud it should just look completely different then anything you are probably getting from your guy.  It should look like anything on the McChronalds Pintrest page.

All you people even considering to buy weed online should be smart about who you are dealing with, but you should never try to threaten them, or make them feel paranoid or angry.  This will only cause yourself to get Blacklisted and even possible make the person start a new business and ensure you never find out threw proxy’s.  They can block you entire city out and the other people in your area getting good medicine will not be cut off.  So all you will be doing is a very selfish self centered act that will only disrupt peoples happiness.  Why do you want to be that person?  No one likes those type of people!

Anyway, that’s enough ranting for now.  This has been eating at me more and more lately with more and more of these butt holes showing up.  At least a few of them have actually pretended to apologize and hopefully these messages are a slap in the face that they so deserve.  Yes, a few of you can still order but for the most part you should find another outlet please and thank you.

Best regards,

Ronald McChronald

P.S.  For those of you who are in my good books, here is whats on the menu for the next couple days.

King Kush

King Kush

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