Why do terrorists need marijuana?

Recently another terror attacked rocked the city of Manchester. At an Ariana Grande concert almost two dozen individuals mostly teenage girls were killed. Trump was quick to label the terrorists as losers claiming that if we called them ‘monsters’ it would be a boost to their ego’s, and that the rightful term for such sick individuals is just that, ‘losers’.

Trump was also quick to say that attacks like these will probably be occurring more often in the near future. The solution doesn’t seem to be easy. However, in plain sight there might be a fix for such ‘losers’.

Lost and Confused Signpost

Most ‘losers’ have too many negative emotions and thought patterns, marijuana might be the answer!

Marijuana seems to fix or relieve symptoms of almost any ailment these days. How could marijuana possibly make terrorists calm the “F” down?

Here are some ways that marijuana may help…

  • Marijuana can calm (some of these ‘losers’ seem to have too much built-up anger or energy- marijuana can help by calming their nerves and getting them to chill out)
  • Many of these ‘losers’ come from war-torn regions of the globe (so tensions are high!) – marijuana can greatly reduce tension
  • Flight or fight is built into all humans – some obviously seem to have more fight in them – marijuana can help regulate flight or fight response in people – including ‘losers’
  • Marijuana can reduce stress and make you more relaxed – clearly some ‘losers’ could benefit from this – maybe just stay home eat some food instead of being all crazy!


At the end of the day, it seems marijuana does hold a lot of hope! Some one should start a charity that donates weed to these terrorists/losers. Maybe then we can combat these radical individuals in those most peaceful of ways, – a marijuana peace offering. Hopefully then they’ll think twice, slow the ‘F’ down with their craziness, and maybe just stay home and munch out on some snacks instead.

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