It wasn’t long ago that most marijuana users were content with smoking a ‘pinner’ joint of some random weed they got from a friend or a neighborhood dealer.


Joints such as the one pictured above were the most common and popular way of consuming marijuana prior to the giant shift and new-age trends seen today in the field.

Things today however, look quite different in the marijuana world. People are getting high in more ways then one. From smoking out of fruits or vegetables to advanced tech things are rapidly progressing. There are now 100’s of ways for some one to reap the benefits or rewards of consuming marijuana.

Lets take a deeper look:

Today the most popular way to consume marijuana is via extracts such as shatter or wax which can be consumed through a dab rig or vaporizer.


SHATTER, BUDDER, WAX are among the most popular type of extracts to do DABS with


To enjoy a dab the way the new-age marijuana connoisseurs do. You will need a DAB rig, a wand along with a metal nail and a Torch. You will need to heat the metal nail once it has been placed into the DAB rig. Once it has heated, as is almost glowing red you will pick up a piece of SHATTER with the wand and move it around slightly inside or on top of the nail while you inhale from the mouth piece of the DAB rig!


These are the instruments you will need to do ‘DABS’ with

You want to make sure to fully inhale all the smoke and quickly release. Holding it in for longer then a few seconds can damage the cilia inside of your lungs and cause to cough you lungs out. SO remember with DABS quick inhale, quick exhale!!


Live resin is an extract made straight from living buds still attached to the plant

There are also several other extracts available on the market these days, Rosin which is made by heating and compressing removing the need for use of solvents. BHO which is made or extracted using butane. CO2 shatter which is extracted using, you guessed it, CO2!


Distillate is considered the BEST out of ALL marijuana extracts

There is also now something so highly advanced and sophisticated that it removes the need of using solvents altogether. Now you can BUY DISTILLATES and get the highest and purest smoke you could possibly get from an extract!




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