Medicinal Marijuana may look good to the naked eye, but what hides inside can be life-threatening or extremely dangerous to one’s health!

With legalization looming around the corner for Canadians, things seem to be looking quite on the upside. After all who doesn’t want LEGAL WEED? It sure sounds good, but when all is said and done legal marijuana isn’t actually all that better. In some cases, legal marijuana could quite possibly be way WORSE! How so, you ask?? Well it actually all comes down to production and distribution.


Drug Dealers used to make a lot of profit by sourcing cheaply grown marijuana and selling it for a greater profit!

In previous years marijuana was grown in cheap ways to keep the costs low and profits high for the growers and the dealers. The government realized how much money is what potentially loosing out on and how much more it was wasting on DRUG WARS that never got to the root of the problem. Since nobody likes throwing away money, (including our own government), they decided to turn things around.


Toxins are more readily and often sprayed on marijuana plants to keep pests and molds away

It more recent times it has come to light that these so called licensed producers of marijuana, who supply medical marijuana to the dispensaries were actually growing their marijuana with ILLEGAL TOXINS (in the herbicides and pesticides). The banned toxins were making their way into the human body via smoke inhalation. The reason this is becoming more and more commonplace is simply because things aren’t how they used to be. Before it was necessary for producers to keep costs low and refrain from using and additional herbicides or pesticides or additives simply because they added to the cost of production. Today, however these are widely used and accepted because every licensed producer is fighting to have the strongest or the MOST POTENT bud. When there are traces of bugs or mold (which are more easier to detect than toxins) present, the customer is less likely to consume or purchase such a product. Hence today the Dog-eat-Dog type of mentality has resulted in a High-Potency yet LOW quality marijuana becoming readily available and accessible to the greater public. Therefore it is safe to say LEGAL MARIJUANA isn’t necessarily better and in the years to come please use your own discretion and due diligence when purchasing or consuming marijuana products even if they may seem to be from trusted sources.


Just because it says LEGAL, MEDICINAL, or MEDICAL does NOT MEAN it is SAFE!

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