Wondering How Weed Is Shipped And Packaged?

Your order is packaged professionally, involving among other things, vacuum sealing, no one will  know what s in the package, no odor. It is sent by Canada Post Xpresspost, it takes 2 to 3 days, Canada wide. A tracking number will be emailed to you so that you can track your shipment and know the delivery Continue reading Wondering How Weed Is Shipped And Packaged?

What exactly is Weed Wax and Shatter?

Cannabis Extracts/ Concentrates Things have changed regarding marijuana since I started toking in the 70 s. Nowadays there is lingo such as Shatter, Wax, Honeycomb, Crumble, Sap, Budder, Pull-and-Snap, Taffy, Dabbing, Vaping and others, WTF? These are just some of the slang words that cannabis extracts or concentrates have earned through their popularity in recent years. Continue reading What exactly is Weed Wax and Shatter?

The Ultimate Weed Song Discography

The ultimate list of Weed Songs for all tastes in no particular order, some good stuff here..There is no better list on the internet, all songs are linked to most popular You Tube Video, Enjoy. BOB DYLAN Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 -(1966) Black Sabbath- Sweet Leaf live (1999) Bob Marley Kaya Continue reading The Ultimate Weed Song Discography

Weed can be very, very destructive, to young minds!

Weed is very bad for teens. The more weed that teens consume at a younger age, the more problems they tend to have later in life. Adolescence is a sensitive time for brain development, if a teen introduces use of marijuana at that point in their life, it could very well have serious consequences for Continue reading Weed can be very, very destructive, to young minds!

The Miracle That is Weed

The Miraculous Nature of Weed The cannabis plant contains compounds that  have a wide range of medicinal applications throughout the body. Cannabis has a profound influence on the human body.  How can one herb help so many different conditions in so many ways? How can it provide both the ability to relieve symptoms and also Continue reading The Miracle That is Weed

Is CBG The Ultimate Cannabinoid?

The Next Generation of Medicinal Cannabis: High-CBG Strains Cannabigerol (CBG) happens to be responsible for most of marijuana’s medical effects, CBG works behind the scenes, which scientists have only recently started to investigate. Cannabigerol, a small non-psychoactive component of cannabis, shows significant promise as a treatment for glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, colon cancer, Huntington’s Disease, skin Continue reading Is CBG The Ultimate Cannabinoid?