My Marijuana leads to commercialize Medical marijuana of Canada

Medical MarijuanaThe Company, My Marijuana is an official company that produces and distributes the medical marijuana in Canada.

The Company has listed around 1300 patients of marijuana and industrial experts of Medicann’s director, Michelle Hackett and Chris Jackson. The company has also purchased 8 acres for the production of marijuana facility. It would manage growing. Packaging, storage, shipping and administration. The facility will be growing around 8 to 12 varieties of marijuana every year.

Chris Jackson reports that Health Canada has been responsible with My Marijuana’s application, and it is very confident for the future of medical marijuana industry.

In Canada, The medical marijuana industry is flux following some major changes to the ruling regulations of the industry. There will be a possibility to commercialize the shipment of medical marijuana to be given to licensed patients throughout the country.

On the ground basis of Health Canada’s continually growth market, it is estimated that there will be around 449,984 licensed patients by 2024. The list of medical marijuana patients that is acquired by the company is representing a large percent of present listed MMPR patients.

My Marijuana Company is looking for the growth of its users under the MMPR to become the dominant industry in the Canadian medical marijuana market. The Company is also in touch several parties that surround the marijuana business.

Ms Sheryl has been fixed as he corporate secretary of My Marijuana. She has worked under the public sector since so long. So, she has a good experience with office management and exploration companies. She also works as Corporate Secretary for several other public sectors as TSX and CSE.

About the Company, My Marijuana Canada Inc.

My marijuana is a marijuana Company that advances an application to producing and shipping medical marijuana under the license given by Health Canada. Its management team has good experience in the production and cultivation of medical marijuana.

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