Hundreds of local advocates march for Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization

Hundreds of publicly marijuana smoking protesters took a stand to support the Marijuana legalization.

On 24th of September, The 2nd annual Windsor Marijuana March was arranged at City Hall Square. The Marijuana March was arranged by a group of students from the University of Windsor. The Smoking marijuana organizers has estimated that around more than 500 people has attended the marijuana march this Year. The event was arranged from 1:00 to 4:30 pm. The event also features poetry, music, comics and a lot more.

The Organizer, Alex Newman said The march is a marijuana legalization march, and it is just like any other public protest march.. Newman reported that marijuana legalization would be very beneficial for businesses. New businesses will come for marketing, including dispensaries and lounges.

Newman has also given a reference of recent changes that have taken place to Health Canada legislation and as well as the marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington in the US to clearly affirm that opinion have been kept on changing.

Sergeant D’Asti of the Windsor police service has explained that our basic purpose is for public safety, and that‘s something we are bound to safe the Public. He explained this regarding monitoring the Marijuana legalization march event.

As Last Year, The public pot smoking has prompted no arrests nor any issues, Windsor Police Service and organizers expected the same for this year too.
The organizer of The march, Alexander Newman says that it is realistic to think for marijuana legalization nearly soon. He furthered that previously, He wouldn’t have said so, but not only this country rather United States has been moving towards such direction. Further, Newman said that One wants to put on faith in Justin Trudeau, and let’s have a hope that he keeps his promise.

The leader of Liberal Party Canada, Justin Trudeau has openly said that He is completely in favor of Marijuana legalization.

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