Two men caught with more than 3 kg Marijuana brownies

marijuana browniesTwo men were caught with more than 3 kg of separately wrapped marijuana brownies. They planned to sell the marijuana brownies to teenagers at East York and to the students of the East York collegiate Institution. Two men are now facing charges after they were found with large quantity of marijuana brownies. They are charged, because Marijuana is now more risky for Youth then, it was previously thought, and Moreover, Vancouver teenagers get sick after eating pot goodies.

On Monday, Police say Toronto’s anti-violence intervention strategy team officers were walking around the Parma court Wakunda Place area, there they found two men fleeing upon looking them. When Police Officers stopped and questioned them, then they found a large quantity of marijuana brownies with them.

Both 18 years- old men, Waleed Mohammad and Moshan Afzal have been asked for a charge with possession of marijuana brownies and due to trafficking.

Police Officers are encouraging community members to be attentive, and to teach their children or students that such marijuana or narcotics items comes in various forms and consuming them could be risky, extremely dangerous to their health.

We need to make people aware about the side effects of marijuana edibles, even to those eating them consciously. Everyone should be careful while eating marijuana brownies or other like products.

Some people might think that candies or brownies are safer than pot smoking. Brownies or candies may be safe for people to ingest it, but make sure that especially kids or youngsters do not stumble into them.

We should warn people to eat brownies or other edible products in appropriate quantity. We also need to be as careful for the packaging of Marijuana brownies and other products, and Make sure that it should not attract the kids.

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