Medical Marijuana has higher treating potency for Women than Men

Medical MarijuanaDr. Rebecca Craft has good news especially for female medical marijuana patients. The plant’s potency to treat the pain is higher in women than men. A psychology researcher and professor at Washington State University, Dr. Rebecca Craft reports that the existence of estrogen hormones explains this difference.

            Definitely, it’s not wholly good news. Higher level of estrogen also leads women to some of its negative side effects. Crafts highlight much influential marijuana as a catalyst for the research. She stated that medical marijuana is so different than it was before (around 40 years ago). She furthered that now, it is considerably lower in cannabidiol(CBD) and so higher in THC. So, a little bit leads to quite long way.

            Craft’s research shows that female rates are at 30% more likely to get benefit from pain relieving effects of THC. Alas! The research also founded that the negative side effects of medical marijuana are also much common for females as compared to males. Craft added that Women are at great risk with negative effects like confusion, pain attacks, anxiety, extreme paranoia or hallucinations

            However, Craft has been doing research on drug sensitivities in women female medical marijuana patients for so many years. She has manipulated the level of hormones to track out the changes in drug sensitivities and has determined that estrogen hormone is the cause behind it.

            What she finds with THC is that we get a clear-cut spur in drug sensitivities when the female medical marijuana patients are ovulating – Just right when their estrogen level goes higher and then are coming down.

The research also explores that female medical marijuana patients develop more tolerance to THC than males. Even with reducing the dosage in the drug sensitivity, females were still continued to develop more tolerance than males.

            According to the research, increased desire for junk food or the munchies effect sets males apart from females when it comes to medical marijuana’s effect.

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