Marijuana Legalization makes a Reporter quit on air

Marijuana LegalizationMarijuana legalization took a big hit; a local CBS affiliate KTVA reporter in Anchorage, Alaska names Charlo Green was seen reporting a segment this Sunday night related to the Alaska Cannabis Club, which is a medical marijuana group. This was a dramatic exit as far as job exits are concerned.

She told the viewers that she is the current owner of the cannabis club and further added that she plans to dedicate all her energy towards the fight for fairness and freedom, which starts from marijuana legalization here in Alaska.

She added to her statement that as far as this job is concerned she has no choice but to quit. The anchor was clearly surprised by this act and apologized for the use of profanity by Ms. Greene. Later, a message was sent from the station to viewers via twitter apologizing for the inappropriate language during her live presentation used by the reporter on air tonight. The message further added that the reporter was terminated.

Alaska and many other states have marijuana legalization on the ballot this coming November. Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia allow medical marijuana in certain instances and will be voting for full marijuana legalization.

The recent polls in all of these areas suggest that the measures would most likely pass, and that the Alaska initiative might be the closest. According to a Public Policy Polling survey it has been found out the 48% voters support marijuana legalization, 7% are undecided and 45% are against it.

Washington and Colorado were the first two states who went for fully marijuana legalization through a ballot referendum in 2012. Back in 1998 ballot, Alaska was the first to go for medical marijuana legalization. The Alaska Cannabis Club founded this spring by Ms. Greene has the aim to get around the restriction by connecting the growers and the patients, and giving a suggestion to the patients to provide a ‘donation’ covering the cost of growing the drug. Ms. Greene said that she wanted to draw attention to the issue, and that she is sorry for offending anyone.

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