Medical Marijuana supporters march in front of Halifax police headquarters

Medical MarijuanaMedical marijuana created some ciaos; the Halifax police were nowhere in sight during the time when 50 people were passing around joints right on their front steps this Friday afternoon. The protest referred to as ‘smoke-in’ was for the recent raid of a medical marijuana shop in Gottingen Street known as the Farm Assists.

In front of the Halifax Regional police headquarters, the shop owner Chris Enns angrily shouted into the megaphone that when there are so many addictive, nasty drugs out there all over the province, why were the people using cannabis as a medicine targeted?

The 29 year old owner of medical marijuana shop, Enns and his girlfriend Sherri Reeve both were charged for the raid. Along with that, the charges included medical marijuana trafficking, possession for the purpose of production and trafficking.

Supporters were holding hand drawn signs and some of them were wearing masks. They all marched down from the shop to Gottingen, close to the corner of Buddy Daye Street, all the way to police headquarters which are at the corner of Cogswell Street.

Medical MarijuanaAs they were marching, a lot of drivers were honking and many people got out of the stores from Gottingen to show support by cheering and clapping. A Halifax Police cruiser passed by with a uniformed officer inside; he glared out the window before driving away. There were a number of people in the crowd who drove from outside Halifax. They said that they wanted to show support and say that a lot of medical marijuana users are living in instability due to Canada’s laws.

People’s Views:

A valley resident called Bert Martin said that we want to make people aware that Chris isn’t the only and anyone of us could have been in his shoes. They only targeted him because he obviously was an easy target. Martin and his wife, Lavina both grow their own pot and are approved medical marijuana users.

An 28 year old man, Chris who was seen pushing a friend’s baby stroller in the march said that even though he wasn’t a member of Farm Assists, he was here to support family and friends who use medical marijuana, which includes in brother-in-law. He said that they only thing that allowed him to stay healthy during chemo was marijuana.

The rules related to medical marijuana were changes by health Canada on April 1, and the new rules prohibited homegrown weed production when it came to people who grow and sell them to users. Health Canada is slowly approving applications for becoming commercial growers.

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