Ottawa appeals to Supreme Court for medical marijuana access regulations

Medical MarijuanaThe federal state is heading to the judicial Court of Canada to determine that either medical marijuana patients have a right to cannabis butters, teas, oils and lotions.

Last month, The Public Prosecution service appealed for the decision of B.C.’s in the Owen Smith case. On 14th of August, The appeal Court said that the medical marijuana legalization is Unconstitutional.

Two of the judges ignored the federal government’s appeal in the case of Owen Smith. Back in 2009, He was charged for the Illegalized possession of marijuana after the police officers found marijuana cookies, grape seed oil and olive oil in an apartment.

With Smith’s trial, Lawyer has argued that the access to medical marijuana is unconstitutional, and it did not raise the State’s interest to protect the public safety. But they forced the patients to smoke medical marijuana, which was very harmful to them.

Finally, Judge Robert Johnston ruled that it was unconstitutional right to medical marijuana patients to use dried marijuana plants alone. Johnson gave a year to Health Canada to answer to his ruling.

Smith was executed out of drug offenses, and the Crown has appealed Johnston’s decision. The appealing notice is based on two questions: Either Smith has to challenge the constitutional rights of medical marijuana access regulations or either such regulations are not consistent with the Charter of Right and Freedom. Tousaw Said, No date has been fixed yet. He finds it as heartbreaking that the government will spend a huge amount of tax dollars to fight against patient’s right to get approved marijuana drugs in the form of cookies. He looks forward to the defense of patients before the Supreme Court. This is an exceptional case because the Supreme Court has dealt with such case.

Smith felt proud that he has represented the many medical marijuana patients who find relief from edible pot extracts.

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