Majority of the People support for marijuana legalization in Alberta

marijuana legalizationMarijuana legalization is a very famous topic these days, with so many states and cities pursuing reform efforts. In the United States, voters in Washington DC, Alaska, and Oregon will be voting on marijuana legalization this November. The Polls in Washington DC and Oregon show the initiatives winning. However, the current poll out of Alaska shows it is losing unfortunately. It is worth noting that the Alaska is a very difficult place to get an exact poll due to geography and the fact that population of the state is very scattered. There is also a major support in other parts of the North America. One of those places includes Alberta.

While roughly half of the Albertans claim to have never tried cannabis, a majority of the residents of province is in the favour of marijuana legalization, which is a new Insights West poll has found.

In an online survey of a representative provincial sample, around 52 % of the Albertans support the legalization of cannabis, whereas 42 % are opposed. The Support for pot legalization is highest particularly among men 61 % and residents aged 35 years to 54years 57 %, and the lowest among women 45 % and residents aged 55 and over, it was 47 %.

Marijuana politics are heating up all over the Canada

The Conservative Party has been attacking cannabis stance of Justin Trudeau any opportunity that they get. Moreover, a long time hero and activist for many, also known as Prince of Pot, Marc Emery returned to Canada recently after a prison stint in America. The Health Canada is ramping up an anti-marijuana propaganda campaign. It is worth watching what happens up in Canada, no matter you live there or not. It is hopeful that more polls will come out that show majority support for reform marijuana legalization in the major metro areas of Canada. The cannabis law reform advocate, entrepreneur and politician of Canada, Philippe Lucas, will be on hand for discussing the cannabis industry in northern neighbor of America at the International Cannabis Business Conference.

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