Medical Marijuana Farm Assists to reopen partially

Medical MarijuanaRecently, the owner of first medical marijuana lounge of Halifax said that he is planning to reopen part of his store in spite being shutdown in a police raid and has also been charged with trafficking marijuana.

Christopher Enns, the owner of Farm Assists and Sherri Reeve (his fiance) were charged with marijuana trafficking, possession for the trafficking purpose, proceeds of crime, production of a controlled substance and breach of an undertaking after the lounge was raided.

A 40-year-old Timberlea man who is an employee of Farm Assists was also charged. On Monday, Enns was released from the custody under conditions that limits him to the terms of his Health Canada medical marijuana licence. This means he cannot produce, use or possess marijuana under any other circumstances/conditions except as his licence permits.

Soon after the release, Enns told the reporter that Farm Assists will remain closed; however he was sure that at least the vapour lounge and hemp shop will be back open tomorrow morning. He further said that for now the dispensary will remain closed.

Farm Assists which is located at Gottingen Street, opened in July, is a place that was set up for licensed medical marijuana users who are allowed to buy and inhale vaporized medical marijuana

Supporters rally:

There were more than a dozen supporters of Reeve and Enns who rallied outside Halifax provincial court and argued that should be a change in the laws governing medical marijuana.

Chris Backer with Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana said that somebody has to stick his neck out. Enns said that he is thankful to God that he knows someone like Chris who is ready to stick his neck out there and do this for those who need it, since nobody else was willing to do it.

The regional police officers of Halifax seized medical marijuana and cash when they raided the Farm Assists on Friday. The Police also seized thousands of medical marijuana plants from a secluded warehouse in the East Chezzetcook, tucked away in Eastern Shore Industrial Park. The Police also seized more cash and drugs from a house down the road from the warehouse. It was reported by the sources to CBC News that the house belonged to Reeve and Enns.

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