High-profile marijuana activist filing for federal Liberal nomination

Marijuana ActivistA high-profile marijuana activist has filed for marijuana legalization to run as a Liberal in the upcoming federal election. She has put the spotlight on the problem that Conservatives have used to attack Justin Trudeau (Liberal Leader).

Recently, Jodie Emery filed the nomination papers in Vancouver East. Miss Emery is a prominent advocate for marijuana legalization, along with her husband known as Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, who returned back to Canada last month after serving a jail sentence in America over selling marijuana seeds. However, her path to candidacy remains unclear.

The comment was declined by the party, although one Liberal source cautioned initial signs are that it would not be a smooth sailing for Mrs. Marc Emery despite of her high profile and she will go through the normal procedure to be approved as a candidate for Liberal nomination in the riding. However, Ms. Emery has backing of the local Liberals and an ex riding-president who is an election readiness chair of party in the riding, and also a former vice-president. Jodie says that they approached her to run.

She further said that she understands that the Liberals do not want media marijuana star couple to steal the limelight, however it is not about her and her husband, but it is about trying to get Harper out of office and this is her primary goal She also said that for many proud citizens of Canada who are disappointed by the government, for them, the Liberal party offers a wonderful party to support and join to take back this country for the environment, the people and everything else which is very important. Before her run for the provincial Green Party, she said that she chose Liberals in part since they are only party that has the ability to replace the Harper government in election of next year.

“A fresh, new leadership is represented by Justin Trudeau. I feel that he is the one who can be called a blank slate, however that is someone that’s open to the ideas. He desires to base his policies on science and facts, not on ideology like the way Harper is doing,” said Mrs. Mar Emery, a Marijuana activist.

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