Marc Emery plans to end marijuana prohibition with Liberals and Justin Trudeau

marijuana prohibitionMarc Emery’s relatively newfound support for Liberals is firmly rooted in his life’s work was aimed at ending the marijuana prohibition. His top picks for the politicians of Canada to go to the NDP and Greens. However, he does not want anyone to vote for either of the parties in the federal election of next year.

Emery told the “Straight” that Libby Davies and Elizabeth May are two of his favourite MPs. He further said that there comes a time when one has to make decisions about what is more important, and replacing the government and stopping Stephen Harper is the ultimate priority. Marc Emery was giving interview from the Yazoo City Prison located in Mississippi, where he was serving the final month of a 5 year sentence to sell cannabis seeds.

Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party Leader revealed in November 2012, that he was a great supporter of decriminalization and he wanted Canada to have a serious look at regulating the drug and to end marijuana prohibition. Emery described Trudeau’s position as unprecedented and courageous. He also told that Justin Trudeau is the only leader of a political party in Canada with chances of forming the government who’s ever did this and it is quite brave of him.

However, Emery did not speak such kind words for every politician who has made an about-face on ending marijuana prohibition. In May 2014, the two former high-profile B.C. politicians stated that they were going to work in the booming medical marijuana industry in Canada. First is the former top cop of the province, Kash Heed has signed on as a security consultant for the medical growers and after a few weeks Mike Harcourt, ex-premier took a position  as the chairperson of True Leaf Medicine Inc.

Marc said that he holds a moral objection against the individuals who has helped imprisoning people for drug offences currently profiting off from the sale of marijuana. According to Marc Emery, the greater issue is the legitimization of the MMAR (Marihuana Medical Access Regulations) of Conservative government and how the rules are being used for maintaining a system of marijuana prohibition.

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