Cancer patients should be allowed to use medical marijuana for pain relief

Medical MarijuanaRecently, a Liberal Democrat minister called medical marijuana to be legalized for medical use. It was stated by Norman Baker that the drug can help in relieving symptoms for the sufferers of conditions, including multiple sclerosis and also help those having chemotherapy. However, the suggestion of Home Office minister was dismissed by a Coalition spokesman. He pointed to clear evidence medical can harm physical and mental health of people.

The comments of Mr. Baker are the latest from Lib Dem ministers pressing to soften marijuana laws. The opponents who allowed medical marijuana insisted that it can be used as a back door to decriminalize the drug more widely.

However, Mr Baker said that there was a body of growing research showing the properties of medical marijuana. He also proposed the change in a letter to Jeremy Hunt, who is a Health Secretary, leaked to The Guardian newspaper.

Mr Baker stated that it is time for reconsidering the medicinal properties of marijuana, given what he has learned in his role as a minister and has seen several evidences that marijuana can provide genuine medical benefits for treating a number of conditions. There is also a growing body of research that elaborates the medical properties of chemical elements of marijuana.

Mr. Baker said that he is not comfortable that there are credible people he had met who told him that marijuana is the only substance that helps in relieving their condition. However, not only they are stopped to access it officially but also had to break the laws to help their health.

He also said that many other countries recognize that medical marijuana does have medicinal benefit and they need to look again at this issue for helping people who are ill and it is a quite different matter from recreational use and that is not at issue currently. He further suggested that medical marijuana can be used to help conditions, including glaucoma and MS. Moreover, it can be used for combating the side-effects of cancer, Crohn’s disease and Aids treatment.

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