Political debate on marijuana legalization enters into Critical Phase

Marijuana LegalizationThe political debate on the issue of marijuana legalization is soon going to intensify in Canada, according to a New York Times editorial which calls for the federal government of U.S to repeal the 44 years of ban on marijuana.

The influential newspaper that says the question of marijuana legalization should be left up to the individuals of U.S. states, is running a 6-day series on the problem, and has also reignited a hot debate among the Americans. It was concluded by the influential newspaper that the ban has inflicted a great harm on the society just for prohibiting a substance far less harmful as compared to alcohol. The editorial came when some U.S. states reformed marijuana laws. On 1st Jan, in Colorado, Marijuana went on sale for recreational use and recently, Washington followed this suit. However, Alaska and Oregon are going to vote on the matter in November.

Nevertheless, since a federal ban on the marijuana is still on the books, those states which favour marijuana legalization do so in the direct contravention of federal law. In Canada, a Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has favoured a system of marijuana legalization which regulates the sale of marijuana and keeps it out of the hands of minors. It was argued by the Liberals that it is an intelligent way to deal with the problem because it will take away the marijuana market from gangs and crime, while also ensures a better system to address the marijuana effects on communities and individual health.

Ralph Goodale, a Deputy Liberal leader said in an interview that he welcomes the editorial of the New York Times. He further said that it is more serious comment having a lot of intellectual heft behind it which makes the point that the recent regime of absolute prohibition is not working. Most notably, he also said that the central objective to keep marijuana from youths does not work and all of the revenue ends up in the hands of society and gangs is no safer and no healthier. Therefore, surely a room for intelligent discussion should be there about the ways for doing that better. However, the governing Conservatives are still against the marijuana legalization.

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