Colorado is Setting Rules for Marijuana-infused Foods

Marijuana IndustryThe marijuana experiment of Colorado is threatened by the fame of eating it rather than smoking it. This leads the marijuana industry to join state regulators and health officials to try to curb the issue of users ingesting too much marijuana. A task force that met recently planned to begin working on refining the rules of Colorado on edibles, the industry term for marijuana that has been infused and concentrated into drink or food.

Dr. George Sam Wang, a well-known doctor in Colorado said that he is trying to figure out how to come up with a reasonable THC amount or concentration in proportion in edibles to product safety size. Dr. George is a pediatric emergency physician who treats toddlers and children who fell ill after eating marijuana.

Marijuana-infused foods are booming in the new recreational market of the state. Many choose edible marijuana because they are concerned with health issues about smoking the marijuana. Others are visitors who are not able to find a hotel that enables toking and are stymied by a rule barring public outdoor marijuana smoking. Whether through confusion or inexperience, many are eating too much marijuana too quickly, resulting in potentially deadly consequences.

Recently, a college student from Wyoming jumped from a Denver hotel balcony last and died after consuming 6 times the recommended dose of a marijuana-infused cookie. And a few days back Denver man shoots his wife reportedly after eating marijuana-laced candy before the attack, although police say he might have had other drugs in his system.

All the deaths are underscoring a common complaint from new marijuana consumers. The customers do not know that how much marijuana to consume, this is why they have unpleasant experiences after they ingest too much. Colorado has already limited THC, which is an intoxicating chemical in marijuana in edible products to 10mg each serving, having a maximum of 10 servings per package. Marijuana varies widely in quality and potency because exact comparisons are tricky, however, 10mg of THC is roughly considered equivalent to the amount in a medium-sized joint. The marijuana industry is improving with great pace all around the country.

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