Medical Marijuana Companies Finding Innovative Ways to Stand Out

Medical MarijuanaThe Tweed Marijuana is one of the new batch of legalized medical marijuana growers in Canada. Since these companies use to sell directly to customers, they got banned from advertising.

Chuck Rifici and his fellow business partners when decided to market their startup, they did not go for advertising rather than they took the company public. It was not a conventional move, however, the company of Mr. Rifici is not really a conventional one. Mr. Chuck Rifici grows marijuana outside of Ottawa at a former chocolate factory. He said that a lot of typical adverting and marketing are non-starters for them and they are working with a controlled substance.

The federal government has recently opened-up a “free market” for the medical marijuana. Now anyone can give application for the license to grow medical marijuana under the new rules and can sell to patients directly. It is a quite a big change from the old system. Before the legal users are not allowed to grow their own medical marijuana and used to have a designated person to grow it for them or purchase it from the single designated supplier of the Health Canad, Prairie Plant Systems.

The access to medical marijuana has become much easier due to the new rules. Previously, patients used to need particular permission from the Health Canada and the approval of two doctors, but now, they only require a simple prescription document from a physician. However, since the access may be easier, now medical marijuana is considered as a narcotic and governed by a few of the similar regulations that apply to drugs such as, morphine. Those rules ban marketing narcotics to anyone but a physician. Since the marijuana growers in Canada may be able to promote, there is nothing stopping them to talk about the problems around the marijuana and its use as a medicine.

MediJean is among the 800 companies that have applied for entering the medical marijuana industry. Anton Mattadee, who is a chief strategy officer at MediJean said that he does not want anyone to give reasons that why their product is better as compared to others. Currently, the company has a license for growing medical marijuana for development and research, however, not to sell it.

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