Softened Marijuana Laws- Majority of the Canadian’s Wish

Marijuana LawsAn opinion poll was conducted in Canada for the federal government recently reported that almost  two-thirds of the Canadians wish marijuana laws softened. Although there is a minor percentage of Canadians that want that Canadians companies should not sell weed, just as these companies sell cigarettes and alcohol. This shows that most people living in Canada have no issue with the proposal. The highlights of the opinion poll conducted in Canada are given below.

  • About 37.3% Canadians said that marijuana should be legal.
  • About 33.4% Canadians want that the possession of little amounts of weed should be decriminalized, leading a fine instead of a criminal record.
  • About 13.7% Canadians reported that the marijuana laws must stay the same.
  • About 12% Canadians want an increase in penalties.

The results of this national survey of around 3,000 Canadians that was commissioned by the Department of Justice is going to add fuel to the debate which is heating up before the election of 2015. The open-minded Canadians under Justin Trudeau want the legalization of marijuana legalized for regulating its sales. However, the Conservatives say that such a change will lead more kids to smoke marijuana.

Ottawa has hired Ipsos Reid for conducting an extensive poll and focus groups for gauging the views of Canadian views on hot-button problems, including prostitution and marijuana. The results of this poll were posted online. According to the results of the report, the Canadian government wants a clear-cut understanding of the opinion of the public on a variety of justice issue.

This poll was conducted on January 2014, found out that the Canadians are not at all happy with the current status of marijuana. Many of the Canadians think that legalization will not increase the smoking of pot. About 52.6% of Canadians reported that the use of marijuana will not increase if it got legal, whereas 6.3% of the Canadians reported that the use of Marijuana will be decreased. In case, marijuana gets legal, it is not clear that who will be allowed to retail it and how it will be distributed. About 82.9% of respondents in the survey reported that doctors must be permitted to prescribe weed to patients. The marijuana laws are really appreciable that they are true representation of most of the people in the country.

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