Most Canadians Demand Marijuana Law Reform According To Poll

Marijuana lawA poll to judge how much there is in Canada for marijuana law reform was conducted by Canada’s Department of Justice. For months, the poll was kept hidden  until the media outlet The Star was able to attain a copy of the results.

According to The Star the secret was kept by the Conservatives for months, found 70% of respondents believed that marijuana laws should be loosened. 37.3% out of the 3,000 respondents, stated that the government should legalize marijuana, while the other 33.4% stated that the possession of the small amounts should be decriminalized.

According to the report which the Conservatives intended to withhold until the end of July, stated that there was a great deal of confusion about whether the possession of small amounts of marijuana is a crime, a ticketable offense, or entirely illegal.

The states quo was supported by only 13.7% of respondents, while the other 12% believed that Ottawa should impose harsher penalties.

Marijuana lawAttack ads have been pushed by the Conservatives in Canada against Liberty Party leader Justin Trudeau, outlining his pro-marijuana stance, as if it’s a bad thing. It is recommended by the Department of Justice’s poll that the attack ads aren’t going to be useful, as most Canadians agree with Mr. Trudeau’s stance that it’s about time for a new appeal in Canada. As word spreads about the poll outcomes, more and more Canadians will get on board with marijuana law reform and oppose the Conservatives.

It is commissioned by the Department of Justice the $175,000 Ipsos-Reid poll after the Supreme Court’s Bedford decision in December. Certain of prostitution laws were struck down as unconstitutional. Almost exclusively on opinions is the telephone poll aimed on marijuana laws and prostitution, as did additional focus groups conducted by the pollster in seven cities.

Marijuana lawMoreover, Marc Emery, long time marijuana law reform leader is returning back to Canada soon after completing his sentence in the United States for seed sales. He was targeted by the DEA not only due to his seed sales, but also because he utilized his profits to fund marijuana law reform efforts in the United States and Canada. When you add Marc Emery’s return to Canada with this poll outcomes, we are expecting things to get very intriguing north of the border.

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