Old School OG Kush

Old School OG Kush

An old school strain with large fruity nuggs and is a little less expensive then the usual AAA+ – AAAA’s Quads.

This is a new strain to me, but super delightful.  And the price wasn’t bad either so all around i think this is a good pick for a medium grade batch of buds to select from if you are looking to safe a buck or 2.  Being the top mail order marijuana service in the country is making it hard to want to have anything but the best of the AAA+ – AAAA’s but i have been asked many times now for something that may not be as pretty looking but still does the trick at a lower price point.  I totally understand, and that is 100% a valid request, so here it is; Old School OG Kush.

Old School OG Kush is 100% Indica and has that OG bud structure without the rock hard nuggets of todays OG Kush.  But the buds are very large and fruity, and have a super nice Kushy aroma that is no mistake when you smell it, you know some one is smoking Kush.

Please see more pictures of the Old School OG Kush in HD at http://www.pinterest.com/McChronalds/medium-grade-bud/

If you would like to order 100% bc grown cannabis and have it delivered to your door its very easy as long as you fit the guidelines.  The process is easy to order marijuana threw the mail.  First thing you need to do is click here and subscribe.  Make sure you put your correct telephone number in so Ron can call you for your telephone consultation.  Every customer must have a telephone consultation before being able to receive their order in the mail.  This is to ensure im not working with kids, or undesirable people that would rather spend their money on weed then put food on the table.  I’m not in to working with fiens OK, and its easy to tell over a quick telephone conversation :).  But if you are a normal person like 90% of you all that contact me you will get a welcome letter after the quick consultation call that will have all the ordering information, insurance options, shipping, strains, and much more.  Only after being accepted to McChroanlds mail order marijuana service will you receive the welcome letter.  You can not order without it as it changes time to time and will be required to follow the process.  Im looking forward to serving you :).  Use the promo code WEEDDEEL at the shopping cart for a special discount for new customers.

McChronalds has been going threw some changes as a provider of cannabis online.  We have went threw growing pains, and times where delays were experienced and some customers may have even been blacklisted that maybe should have not been.  But the fact of the matter is and I will always say it, I’m only 1 person.  Sometimes I offer things cheap or free and get slapped in the face for it almost 100% of the time.  Its funny how people complain about the name of something they received free.  I have replaced packages that were lost in the mail with other types of Kush because the original that was lost in the mail ran out, and you would think id be thanked for replacing a package Canada Post lost, but nope.  I will get nasty letters attacking my business because they received something different then what they ordered.  Sometimes the weed runs out and i need to get more, and if that same strain is not available any more i get something of the same or higher quality so i cant understand why people get their panties all in a knot when a lot were smoking outdoor schwag before in the first place.  Am i really such a bad guy for telling these people i don’t want to work with them any more?

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