McChronalds 420 Special $10 Buds

From now till 420 get $10 and $15 buds when you make a purchase of $100 or more.  Super Kush and Purple Green Crack are the 2 awesome AAA+ Strains that are available.  Order here

Ronald McChronald will be at the annual 420 festival in the Heart of Downtown Vancouver at the ever famous Vancouver art gallery.  Well, its famous to us, i don’t know about the rest of Canada lol :).  We hope all Canadians all across the country have a happy, safe, and lifted 420 long weekend.

Don’t loose your chance to get $10 dollar buds from McChronalds one of the few times a year :).


Honey Comb, Budder, & Bubble Hash

Feast your eyes on this THC Porn

Want to know how I made all of this?  Well here is your first hint…. It was all 100% AAA+ Premo BC Kush Of All Kinds!


McChronalds: Super Kush Nug Tips Only

AAAA Super Kush

This is the tips of the tops of the best Super Kush plants their were.  Only the premo buds for my premo customers!

Ive never actually been given a bag of buds that were only the tips of the plants. THANK YOU!!! HOLY F!  This stuff is Killer from the TOP to the bottom of the bag.  No in between buds at all!  Which kind of sucks because I like keeping those for oil. budder, shattr, and stuff.  The first thing I was presented with was a squished bud in my face saying “SMELL THAT???”… Whoa!  Yep, this stuff is absolutely by far the most Kushiest smelling Kush ive had that I can remember.  Plus the fact that is only the very tip/top parts of the tips of the buds.  OMG, a thing of beauty.  Im not even joking, Ive been getting spoiled lately like a mofo!  I really hope all you are happy, because  I sure as heck am.  The quality of the buds i’ve been getting lately have been Higher Quality and more THC… I wonder why???? Muaaaa haaa haaa ha  ahaaaha.

In my personal opinion, this is in the top 4 batches of Kush I have had in the past 12 months.  I do not have very much at all, and it will go quick. Please, if you have had the opportunity to try some of this can you please leave me some comments below :).

You can get this actual Super Kush from McChronalds after having your telephone consultation, you can Register Here.

Best regards,

Ronald McChronald