5th Generation Quadra Hybrid Kush

Just to let everyone know, that killer Quadra Hybrid Kush will be available again soon.  As you all know, this strain of bud only comes out 2 or 3 times a year.  And besides the Pink Kush in my opinion, the Quadra is the best weed i have ever smoked and had come back over and over again.  If you have not had the pleasure of smoking the best Kush on the planet then you should register at McChronalds and once you go threw your telephone consultation you can order some.  It should be ready this week and will be gone as im taking pre-orders lmfao.  Its that good boys and girls.. I have to do it this way… This stuff is the quads AAAA, never mind AAA+ BC Bud, this stuff takes it to another level.  AAAA Quadra Hybrid Kush.  Only from McChronalds.

Pre Order 5th Generation Quadra Hybrid Kush Below

Check out the poll below to see what type of weed everyone likes the most, you will be surprised…. NOT! hahahah :).

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