Purple Kush

Worlds Most Purple “Purple Kush”

This stuff has more THC then I have ever seen on a PK.  If you have proof that it exists ill give you $100.

This stuff is heavy duty big booty trudy smoke.  Not for beginners or anyone who plans to do something using their brain after smoking.  Quite literally, i smoked one bowl of this and was zombifyed, and im a PRO smoker with a high tolerance level :).  I’m  id start with a puff or two, holy smokes.  And you will read that purple weed is caused by burning but this stuff is not burnt.  And in places its so dark purple it’s almost black.

Strength:  10 out of 10
Taste:  Hashy & Super Trashy 🙂
Amount Of THC:  THC LOADED 20% + BIG TIME!!!
Type: Indica

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