Ordering Weed By Mail – Can you buy weed online?

Ordering Weed By Mail – Can you buy weed online?

Can you really buy weed online and have it delivered to your door?…..  YES!

If you are a Canadian living in Canada you can order pot online by going to “buy weed online”.  This service was set up by a marijuana connoisseur.  Its a program that allows you go threw a quick 10 minute consultation to find out what type of smoker you are, what your smoking experience is, and what types of weed you enjoy.

We want to have a conversation with you to gauge your maturity.  Its the only way we are able to distinguish between adults and minors.  Even though you can now order weed online without meeting anyone doesn’t mean we are not screening every person to ensure we are not selling to minors.

 As sad as it sounds, my two mothers sisters got me smoking weed at the age of 13.  Pretty pathetic if you ask me.  The truth is though, my mother died and i was suffering from depression.  Smoking weed allowed me to interact with the general public again.

Im not telling you to give weed to kids.  Im telling you i was very depressed from loosing a loved one and was not able to do anything.  Smoking gave me a sense of care free or the ability to relax my thoughts and mentally meditate.

Gota love it! Look at the hindu with the big a$$ turban enjoying a blunt and
bouncin to the beat of 420 2013 at the art gallery in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  And the best part about it is that his wife is around somewhere doing the same thing. lol!  Who said you had to be so strict hehe!

You can not achieve the same feeling with Alcohol.  I think most alcohol is crap.   I hate the feeling of being buzzed of alcohol.  You cant  function properly, your impaired, and feel crappy the next day.

This is why i think we should all give up the alcohol and start using it for fuel instead of a way to relax.  Roll up a joint, kick back, and relax…… Really relax!

Best regards,

Ronald McChronald




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