Quadra Hybrid Kush | The Worlds Best Kush

Quadra Hybrid Kush

“This is the best Kush anyone has ever grown period!”

Worlds Strongest Kush Strain: Quadra Hybrid Kush
Strength: 11 out of 10
Taste:  Hashy & Heavy
Stone: Super Heavy Duty
Smell:  It Will Kill You! 🙂

So what the heck is Quadra Hybrid Kush anyway?  Well its a perfect combination of the 4 most popular and strongest strains of Kush known to man kind.  We took King Kush for its super loaded crystal formations that overlap each other like crazy. always 100% full with THC.  Just because the weed has tones of crystal doesn’t mean the crystal is filled with THC.  Ever think of that one?  Did you think it was the same?  NOPE!  The THC is an oil that grows inside the Crystal.  You need to do special things to the formed Crystals to induce them to VOMIT THC to the point of exploding.  See, these are some of the reasons why we charge a little more then the average Joe Schmoe.  WE KNOW THE SECRETS TO PREMO KUSH!

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King Kush 10 out of 10.  Super Strong, Kushy taste, but you can see that its so loaded with Crystal formations that you cant see much bud when up close.

OG KushOG Kush is also a 10 out of 10.  Its also super strong and has a very heavy hasy taste and smell.  If this strain is grown properly is should be rock hard.  OG Kush is the descent strain of bud I’ve had in my hands.  Literally hard as a rock because its so densely packed with crystal.

Hybrid Pink Kush
Hybrid Pink Kush is the #1 single best strain of Kush.  I don’t know what it was made from other then Kush but I do know it was super good.  Tied with the Quadra for Stoneyness too.

I don’t have any pictures of the Master Kush for some reason?…. The one thing about Master Kush that I really enjoy is the level of THC.  The crystal is always snow white “If Grown Properly” and is always FULL with THC.  It kind of resembles White Rhino or Northern Lights with its snow white crystal sugar coated everywhere.

The main reason a lot of you all don’t see this quality of weed local is because of the massive cost that is involved in putting out this level of product.  I’m talking $100k + grow rooms that are only 10 Feet X 20 Feet and consume less energy then you would think.  The technology that is available today allows you to grow in completely sterile environments free of smell with 99.999% light penetration, CO2, UVA/UVB, Ultraviolet, and so on.  Quarter Light Chemistry, Quarter Nutrients, Half Environment.  Everything needs to be perfect.  If you own a reef tank or a major planted aquarium, or a super successful LARGE aqua scape.  You already have the necessary thought process to grow this type of AAA+ Premo Weed.  Its kind of like keeping a puffer fish alive with all its other tank mates being happy.  Its really hard because it comes down to environment, light, and water conditions.  That’s pretty much it.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try any of this you better get it before its gone.  You can order weed online if you are a member of McChronalds.  If you don’t have a membership you can subscribe and see if you can get on the list.  Everyone is taking the max for the holidays.  Go to http://www.buyweedonline.ca and subscribe.  I will call you and see if you are eligible.  Canadians only! Anyone from outside Canada will be ignored.

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Dr Sanjay Gupta


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7 thoughts on “Quadra Hybrid Kush | The Worlds Best Kush

  1. Hey Everyone…. Ron here… Hey, don’t be worried to leave comments. It only helps our community grow even stronger. If you are really paranoid, download a web browser called TOR and use Hushmail. Its really slow, but it makes you a Ghost on the Internet.


  2. I was compelled to give Ronald’s a try after looking at his great marketing emails, particularly the AAA Quad Hybrid Kush made me salivate to look at. I honestly expected that he was exaggerating quite a bit with how powerful this strain is, as most of my dealers do out here. I was anxious to try it, so I ordered Priority overnight shipping.
    Once it arrived. I was surprised to see it shrink wrapped three times. I’ve ordered online from other places that usually wrap it a single time. Cutting it open, i understood why it was triple wrapped.
    I was astonished at the smell, feel and heavily crystalized slightly compressed bud.
    It took one good pull off my joint to realize.. this sht just blew my skull right off. Its delicious, fruity and the potency was in no way exaggerated. I am a seasoned smoker, and here in central Toronto, we dont have bush weed, we have good weed, to call Ronald’s weed “Good” is more than an understatement, this would be an insult. This AAA QHK is Out of this planet.
    My only regret was not purchasing a huge quantity, as theres no way this will last.
    Bottom line is that its truly some of the best, most powerful weed I have ever smoked.
    I ordered from other online places before, not drop names..eh mom.. .. Who’s weed is not bad, service a little delayed, but most certainly can not compare to the quality of Ronald’s.
    I can only hope he will continue to offer us Canadians the best weed on this planet. Suck it America.
    Truly incredible weed.
    Also ordered a gram of Ronalds BC oil…. rich thick delicious aromatic very potent, A+ for the oil as well. I hope in the future Ronald will also carry hash, budder and edibles cuz i absolutely trust this guy’s product. He’ll even call you on the fone and have a chat with you to put ur fears at rest.
    Ronald McChronald’s is the BEST MAIL ORDER MARIJUANA SERVICE IN CANADA, Without at doubt, i’ve tried’m all. BEST QUALITY EVER!

    Thanks A LOT Ronald, U certainly brought much cheer to my holiday season!
    Keep up the great work
    and superior service!



  3. I was really looking forward to trying both strains and I must say I was not disappointed !! Great flavor and great effect, When used in my vaporizer is packs a might flavorful punch !!! Thanks for making this available !!


    • Hey Derek,

      Try saving your brown weed that comes out of your vaporizer. Save it up till you have an ounce of it and use it to make butter. You will still get a body stone from the remaining CBD that is left in the plant matter.

      Just a thought 🙂



  4. Everything said about this weed is true.
    I’d never seen weed with so much crystal before so I was concerned that it was coated with something.
    I don’t think that is the case though. Why would anyone tamper with such awesome weed?
    It smells so pungent the buds are so dense. The crystal is throughout the entire bud and sticky.
    I’d also like to say thanks for making it available.


    • Hey big guy,

      Thanks for the comment! Just follow up on that. We would never EVER spray or contaminate your buds ever. The whole reason im here is to provide you AAA+ quality so you dont have to get ripped off any more and can just rest at ease and know Ronald McChronald has your best interests regarding weed covered.

      Im here for you ladies, gentleman, and those of you who are both, i will always give you the best of the best and that’s my promise to all of you no matter what.

      Ronald McChronald


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