Fucking Incredible Cannabis Strain

Fucking Incredible “AAA+ Medical Strain”

100% IndicaRonald McChronald

Below Content Taken From:
Strain Name: Fucking Incredible
Grade: AAA++
Type: 100% Indica
Looks: Huge Leaves, Dark green, with Orange Hairs
Smell: Spicy. Like a mellow Moroccan rice with a kick
Taste: mellow spicy skunk. Different from anything.
Effects: Um…I can’t feel my brain! How do I um… walk?
Potency: smoooth couchlock that melts you into a bubble of Gorilla. Tape.
Reviewed by: Rik from 420 X-TRACTION’S (420xtractions.org)
Good Strain For: Pain, anxiety and traveling through this crazy world.

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So after smoking a couple pipe fulls of Fucking Incredible, I felt fucking incredible 🙂 . 99.9% Of the time I get Kush because of the heavy narcotic stone + coach lock. This stuff has really surprised me in a fantastic way. After smoking, I ended up cleaning the entire kitchen from top to bottom… 2hrs later now.. Smoked another bowl and proceeding to clean the rest of the house… The first time I smoked a pipe full it was late at night and just mellowed me out to a nice calm. But having a few tokes this morning gave me the energy of a 4 year old kid with hyperactive disorder and the attention span of a Mensa master.

Please read more on this strain at http://www.medicaljane.com/review/fucking-incredible-strain-review/

Where Can I Get Weed?

Well, you can go to McChronalds and order up a bag of the killer.  If you do a little research online you will see that im not the only one providing this service.  And yes, I am at the top of the price chart…  You might ask you self why?  Well, its because im an honest person with integrity.  I talk to ever patient/client to ensure my product fits their requirements.  We only sell the highest quality AAA+ BC Grown bud that is cured to perfection for at least 30 – 45 days.  Your order is shipped out within 24 hrs with Bud Insurance available free with specific orders.  We are the only ones that guarantee everything we do 100%!  You pay for what you get.

How Do I Tell Good Weed From Bad Weed?

The best way to tell good weed from bad weed is to burn it.  When your weed is burned, it should have a nice white ash on it.  Some weed will have a slightly grey ash but should NEVER EVER be black.  If the weed is black once burned, you have a major problem “Chemicals Are Present”.  The only solution here is to throw it away!

To visually inspect the marijuana you are about to purchase is with a 8MP HD Camera.  This allows you to see the bud up close and inspect it for bugs, cob webs, and other types of dirt.  If you see any dust, or anything that doesn’t look like weed its likely ended up on the gross dirty floor of the grow room.  This will tell you the people growing it are slobs and likely not professional. at all.

When you inspect your marijuana you should be looking at something like these pictures on McChronalds pintrest page.http://www.pintrest.com/McChronalds

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