2nd Batch Of King Kush – Where Can You Get Weed?

Want to know how to get your hands on some AAA+ KING KUSH?

If you are 25 years of age or older, you have just found your #1 source for professionally grown AAA+ BC bud.  We serve the strongest and most flavourful strains of bud, but we pride our selves on being the King of Kush.  If you have been looking for a source of quality weed with no chemicals, mould, and id definitely not sprayed, well you have just found your new favourite online store… Welcome to McChronalds! Bada ba ba baaaaaa….. Were smokin it!

Strain:  King Kush
Strength: 10 out of 10
Taste:  Sweet & Aromatic
Stone: Heavy Duty
Smell:  Strong as Heck

The first time I tried this batch of King Kush I had been smoking this OG Kush that has been very good to me.  Super strong and so tasty.

To touch base on one topic before I explain more to you about this strain of Kush.  For all of those of you who have not yet tried us out, well what are you waiting for???? Christmas? lol!  Well if you are, we are growing you a very super special treat specially grown for the holidays…… We might just call it Christmas Kush…. Why?  Well… You will see if you order for Christmas!  🙂

If you are still one of those people that are still wondering if you can trust us or if you think we are just a scam…. Well, im not sure how to convince you, but I assure you that we are here to help, not to hurt.  If I was ripping people off you would definitely see that online would you not?  Well the answer is yes, if I ever done anyone wrong any time, It would be online!  Think about it, if anyone ever bought weed online and was taken advantage of it would be written about online to warn others.  You will only see good comments about McChronalds.

Where can you order AAA+ weed and ensure you dont get ripped off?  Well you need to go to McChronalds.

Ronald McChronald is the only online mail order marijuana service in Canada that only serves Canadians living inside of Canada.  You can find many places in Canada to get bud, but how many of those places actually give you ultra high quality professionally grown AAA+ BC bud?  Well, the chances of you being able to access it anywhere other then BC is pretty unlikely unless you know some Drug Dealing KingPin.

Well, up till now that was true.. But now, with our Country changing, you can now order the highest quality buds online and have it delivered strait to your mailbox just like your water bill.

If you are wondering how you can get your hands on some of this kush, well you have read far enough… Just go to McChronalds and order up a package.  Now, you will need to be 25+, be a Canadian, and go threw a short telephone interview to ensure you are not a shit head kid or some punk on Government assistance using his last few bucks for weed instead of buying food for the kids.



2 thoughts on “2nd Batch Of King Kush – Where Can You Get Weed?

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