A rant & rave with some King Kush

Over the past little while I have came past a few people that just plain out pissed me off all though i tried not to show it.  Why would anyone communicating with me trying to buy bc bud online tell me that its supposedly illegal, and go on and on about why its illegal like they are trying to scare me into doing some ridiculous favor for them Free.  I have had some cases much worse then others for many different reasons.  What i always find is that the individual giving all the threats are actually just being bully’s using the fact that Marijuana is considered a drug “You Just Sound Stupid Saying That!” just means you need some advancement in your knowledge about this miracle plant.  But that’s besides the point.

What i cant understand is what kind of people these ladies and men are that make legal threats to me and then apologize about it once they realize they are being completely ridiculous because of the nature of my business.  As of last week, NO MORE marijuana grow licenses will be given out to the public.  The government is privatizing the business to 2 Canadian corporations.  “Yaay! 😦 NOT!”.  Anyway, of the 13,000 + people that have been growing their own medicine for the past 5 years, do you think they are going to stop?  Some, but most nope.  They will be considered criminals.  But really they are not.

For any Canadian calling someone a criminal for growing their own medicine is crazy and should be in a 3rd world country.  This is Canada and their is no room for that kind of attitude here.  Also, we have no time for people that want to try to use it as a tool to hurt people that are helping people and ensuring save consumption and controlling the subjects.

Why does the government always have to be in control of everything?  Because that’s their job!

You know, i agree that finding those outdoor grow ops that are like 5000, 10,000, + are good to remove because they are clearly done by organized crime and that amount of outdoor weed first of all, its generally crap, diseased, semi rotten, full of bugs stuck to it, bird shit on it, and so many other disgusting things that the growers do not remove that you are basically smoking crap literally.

Small indoor grow ops are usually don’t by marijuana connoisseurs.  The plants are babied one by one and kept in the cleanest, most optimal conditions possible.  Indoor ops can use the advantage of CO2, and many cool ways of pest control without chemicals or pesticides.  This link shows you a website that sells special insects that eat the bad insects that can show up on your plants if not kept clean enough.  http://www.greenandclean.ca/spider-mite-predators.html

If you get true AAA+ bud it should just look completely different then anything you are probably getting from your guy.  It should look like anything on the McChronalds Pintrest page.

All you people even considering to buy weed online should be smart about who you are dealing with, but you should never try to threaten them, or make them feel paranoid or angry.  This will only cause yourself to get Blacklisted and even possible make the person start a new business and ensure you never find out threw proxy’s.  They can block you entire city out and the other people in your area getting good medicine will not be cut off.  So all you will be doing is a very selfish self centered act that will only disrupt peoples happiness.  Why do you want to be that person?  No one likes those type of people!

Anyway, that’s enough ranting for now.  This has been eating at me more and more lately with more and more of these butt holes showing up.  At least a few of them have actually pretended to apologize and hopefully these messages are a slap in the face that they so deserve.  Yes, a few of you can still order but for the most part you should find another outlet please and thank you.

Best regards,

Ronald McChronald

P.S.  For those of you who are in my good books, here is whats on the menu for the next couple days.

King Kush

King Kush

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Order Some King Kush Now!

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