Chemo Afghani Kush – Heavy Indica Great For Pain

Chemo Afghani Kush AAA+ Indica

Heavy Stone | Sweet Smell | Very Smooth | Great Pain Relief | Makes You Hungry | Doesn’t Make You Tired

I received this today and was presently surprised.  I was expecting the usual OG Kush or some other nice little treat.  But instead, I got a pleasant surprise.  Chemo crossed with Afghani Kush, a beautiful marage if I do say so my self.

Chemo Afghani Kush
Chemo Afghani Kush 5 out of 5. This stuff is not only strong. But very sweet and so smooth.

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Order Some Kush Now!

I will call this one of the greatest Kush combos of 2013.  The Chemo “already strong” now combined with the strongest strain on the planet?  WTF!  WOW!  Im telling you, the nice skunky taste of chemo with the heavy Indica stone that doesn’t put you to sleep and has 30% munchie on the munchie scale.

Pain Relief With Marijuana High In CBD]

Yest its true that this is the first time I have had this strain.  But,  i have smoked lots of chemo and lots of kush.  Chemo was actually the first time i ever smoked.  My best friends older sisters boyfriend thought it would be funny to get me to try it.  Well, i got so high i puked for hours on my friends toilet and then fell asleep on the front porch till i could walk again.  WOW, powerful stuff.  But i was about 11.  Ya bad i know….. But i was a bad little bugger when i was a kid.

So anyway… I digress.  What was i talking about now..  Ummm.. Oh ya, this is a brilliant strain.  Ive smoked 2 now and my scholoisosis pain is gone.  Im chilling in front of the tv after a long days work in the hot sun.  Im telling you all, if I didn’t have weed to smoke instead of taking those dam Delottas id be dead by now.

If you want access to these types of AAA+ marijuana you need to get access.  If you are over 19+ and live in Canada you can get access.