How To You Get Good Marijuana?

How do you get good cannabis if you don’t know anyone?

One of the first things you need to know is that you don’t just go asking people you don’t know if they can get weed.  First of all, depending on where you live in Canada that may be highly frowned upon as some of the old timers and immigrants loathe marijuana, unprotected sex, alcohol, gambling, and so much more.  What im trying to say is that if you don’t know anywhere to get weed from I am going to explain the process on how to get your hands on some premo AAA+ professionally grown BC Bud, Chronic, Cannabis, Marijuana, etc.

Learn How To Buy Good Weed

How To Get Good Weed

Your guide to accessing the best quality marijuana you have ever dreamed of!

What not to do when looking for good weed

The worst thing you could do if you want to find quality marijuana that is grown under the proper conditions, clean, and cured properly is go to a bar.  First of all, people who like alcohol go to bars and if someone is selling weed at a bar changes are its small and could be good, but do you really know where its coming from?  Good weed is second to them because a toke of crap weed will increase your alcohol buzz 10 fold.  I’m personally not a drinker except for a glass or 3 of red wine one a night.  But that’s it!  I’m a smoker, so what I have learned over the past 30 years is that if you want something perfect you have to do it your self.  Now, for 99% of you, growing marijuana is completely out of the question.  So what you need to do is continue reading!

Don’t buy weed on the street!

Dont Buy Street Weed

Don’t Buy Weed On The Street

What ever you do and should go without saying is that you never go looking to buy weed on the streets. First of all this is very dangerous!  You don’t want to deal with street level people because providing quality marijuana is the last thing on their mind.  If you are looking for weed on the streets you are going to find your self in trouble OK!  Buy it from me!

One way to find premo bud, but its difficult

One way i can almost guarantee you can find the best weed in your area is to make friends with the owner of your local Head Shop.  Any shop that makes a living from selling bongs to smoke weed out of probably have access to the good stuff.  Now, this will be very difficult as most of these people will be very private and wont  make friends very easily.  Making friends with anyone in the marijuana trade takes 10+ years.   So the chances of you walking into your local head shop to find somewhere to get good bud from is highly unlikely unless you are willing to wait 10 – 15 years.

Get a license to a local medical cannabis dispensary

One way to get OK weed is to buy it from a medical dispensary.  What you will need to do is go to your doctor and get him to agree to give you access to medical marijuana.  Depending on what province you live in, if you have a left wing doctor the chances of him being a big pharma lover is pretty darn good.  Unless you live in British Columbia, Vancouver specifically you wont have the doctors that actually promote the use of marijuana in certain patients.  Some dispensaries here in Vancouver actually have Dr’s that work for the actual dispensary.

Get In Touch With Ronald McChronald

McChronalds is your only source of premo AAA+ professionally grown BC bud.  Im talking the best weed you will ever smoke.  Just look at McChronalds Facebook page.  Ronald provides you with the best quality Marijuana you can get.  This is properly grown in professional conditions, all plant food is flushed from plant for at least 2 weeks before harvesting.  If you have ever smoked weed that burnt your lips or had a black ash, well that was full of plant food.  You were smoking highly toxic chemicals.  That’s why you need to buy from me.  The crem de le crem of marijuana in all types and verities.


Best regards,

Ronald McChrnald, President of McChronalds


Chemo Afghani Kush – Heavy Indica Great For Pain

Chemo Afghani Kush AAA+ Indica

Heavy Stone | Sweet Smell | Very Smooth | Great Pain Relief | Makes You Hungry | Doesn’t Make You Tired

I received this today and was presently surprised.  I was expecting the usual OG Kush or some other nice little treat.  But instead, I got a pleasant surprise.  Chemo crossed with Afghani Kush, a beautiful marage if I do say so my self.

Chemo Afghani Kush

Chemo Afghani Kush 5 out of 5. This stuff is not only strong. But very sweet and so smooth.

Order Some Kush Now
Order Some Kush Now!

I will call this one of the greatest Kush combos of 2013.  The Chemo “already strong” now combined with the strongest strain on the planet?  WTF!  WOW!  Im telling you, the nice skunky taste of chemo with the heavy Indica stone that doesn’t put you to sleep and has 30% munchie on the munchie scale.

Pain Relief With Marijuana High In CBD]

Yest its true that this is the first time I have had this strain.  But,  i have smoked lots of chemo and lots of kush.  Chemo was actually the first time i ever smoked.  My best friends older sisters boyfriend thought it would be funny to get me to try it.  Well, i got so high i puked for hours on my friends toilet and then fell asleep on the front porch till i could walk again.  WOW, powerful stuff.  But i was about 11.  Ya bad i know….. But i was a bad little bugger when i was a kid.

So anyway… I digress.  What was i talking about now..  Ummm.. Oh ya, this is a brilliant strain.  Ive smoked 2 now and my scholoisosis pain is gone.  Im chilling in front of the tv after a long days work in the hot sun.  Im telling you all, if I didn’t have weed to smoke instead of taking those dam Delottas id be dead by now.

If you want access to these types of AAA+ marijuana you need to get access.  If you are over 19+ and live in Canada you can get access.


How To Buy Weed Online?

How To Buy Weed Online

You can buy weed online with no problems these days if you live in Canada or some parts of the USA like Washington State.  One of the problems is that people are still scared, and because of that some organizations take advantage of that and simply take your money.  Others charge way too much, and a few send you really bad weed.  I will share a few secrets with you that will help you make the right decisions when purchasing marijuana weed online.

  1. How do you contact someone selling weed online?

  2. How do you pay for your order?

  3. How long should it take to arrive?

  4. How will it be delivered?

  5. Who & Where do you buy it from?

Who has enough balls to actually sell weed online anyway?

This is the question that everyone asks themselves who take the time to search for places to purchase bud online.  The facet is that this era has came.  Not only are people selling high quality AAA+ weed online, but the people who are buying it are actually receiving what they pay for and are happy.  On Monday August 20th 2013 the Canadian Police Union/Commission or whatever its called is voting against their own Government to stop wasting time, money, and resources going after pot smokers.  I’m not sure if the government realizes it but so many types of people from every walk of life both rich and poor smoke marijuana on a regular basis of 2 – 4 times per week.

One of the things you want to always know about the person you are buying from online is communication.

How do you contact someone selling weed online?

The best way is to ask them for contact information.  If the person you are trying to buy weed from won’t tell you anything about them that would be kind of weird.  It will be normal for them to not give you a name or make up a funny sounding name to be humours.  But i’m 100% sure no one selling weed online will give you their real name and thats ok.  What really matters is that they have a line of communication with you regardless if its a telephone number or an email address.  You should be treated like a customer of a professional business.  They should answer your emails, txt messages, and telephone calls and if their is no answer or an answering machine that they get back to you promptly.

I can assure you that no single person selling weed online would do so without a job so please remember that its not a real business although they should provide customer service like a real one.  They probably work during the day and depending on where they live will mean 1 – 4.5 hrs time difference so be patient.  If you come across a real online weed delivery service you should always expect a response within 24 hrs.

How do you pay for your order?

I have been told by many people that most of the places online ask you to send them cash in the mail?  That just sounds stupid!  Send cash in the mail?  That is not what you want to do.  If you send it in the mail you run the risk of it being lost.  “Yes, the mail order weed can be lost too, but thats later on”.

If who you are buying from is professional and setup to provide a good service, they will ask you for an e-transfer or “email money transfer”.  This is done by logging into your online banking and adding the weed guys email address as a payee.  Once you have done that you can simply email them the cash so the order is placed immediately.


FYI!  If you try paying for weed with paypal or any other system routed through the USA it will be shut down and you will loose your money.  Trust me, it happened to me.

Pay with e-transfer threw your online banking and have no worries if your money arrives.

Pay with e-transfer threw your online banking and have no worries if your money arrives.

Pay for your weed order online with an e-transfer.  Do this by logging into your online banking and following the steps for email money transfers.

How long should it take to arrive?

If you call Canada Post you can ask them.  As long as the people you are ordering from are honest and reliable it should never be more than 10 business days.  And thats if you live somewhere remote.  Now Listen UP!  If you life way up in the arctic or on some remote island, you will expect delivery times much longer.  You will know this if you live somewhere where it takes forever for the mail to arrive.  If you are in a major city or not far from you are looking at
4 – 7 days delivery time with regular mail from anywhere in Canada.

Don’t ever bother asking for express delivery.  First of all its super expensive, if you are a medicinal user or mature professional connoisseur you will always make sure you never run out and are not in a panic to get more.   If you are thats kind of what a fien would do and I don’t think most people selling weed online want fiens as customers.

How will it be delivered?

It will be delivered straight into your mailbox like your power or water bill.  It will be in a sealed package to ensure it stays fresh and doesn’t stink up everything around it.  Never meet anyone you don’t know to buy weed!  If it shows up in your mailbox, you know the person delivering it is not a “bad guy”.  You will know he is a trusted public servant delivering you your yummy gummy buds.  This is probably the best part about ordering online is that when you find the right person to buy off of you don’t ever have to meet another shady person again.  You can just relax and have it delivered by your friendly neighborhood mailman. Yaaay!

Ronald McChronald

Ronald McChronald born January 1st 1970

Who & Where do you buy it from?

The best place to buy it in Canada is from owned by Ronald McChronald House.  McChronalds is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality AAA+ BC bud available grown by the guru growers of beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.  Vancouver may be the Mecca, but the Island is where the purest of the purest strains are cultivated and created.

Don’t get caught up on the crappy web design.  Its all about the product and the honesty.  We only give you the purest and highest quality marijuana that can be grown.  We will provide you with only the best 100% cured BC weed.

Order Now!

Best regards,
Ronald McChronald

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Buy BC Bud Online

ImageSome of you are very skeptical of being able to buy weed online.  The fact is you can if you live in Canada.  I cant speak for the USA at all and that is the last time I will mention that country in this post.  You do need to be careful, most of the websites or outlets online that are setup to sell weed online are actually just fraud sights or scams.  LeagelBuds is not weed, its just crap plant matter if it ever shows up.

I have heard stories of mail order marijuana websites that offer many different types of weed hash oil and much more.  Most of my customers that have ordered from other services other than mine have been asked to send cash in the mail with a tracking number that way they can track their money to the location.  Their experiences have all been the same with the money being delivered fine but the return package and tracking number never arriving.

First of all this is just plain cruel, mean, and strait up thievery!  It is possible its a bunch of pot head youth running them but that’s completely unproven.

I am ensuring that everyone is delivered a real product at the highest of available quality.  Here is the thing with weed, if its not the bomb, its just bunk.  For us professional adults or wannabe professionals, we don’t want low quality.  Do you go to the liquor store and look for the cheapest can of beer you can find?  When you go shopping for clothes do you look for the absolute cheapest thing you can find?  Its possible but for the most of us, we want a good quality item and freshly made goodies.

AAA+ Quality and fresh product is what you get from McChronalds.  Unlike the restaurant that sounds like us,  everything we do is to the highest quality standards available in the weed connoisseur vertical.  Smoking our bud is like eating a AAA+ Angus Beef Rib Eye Steak aged for 30 days.  If you don’t know what that tastes like, please go buy one.  It will run you between $15 – $20 from your butcher or quality grocery store.  Now you may think this is a little much to pay for 1 little steak.  But here is the thing, if you bought that same steak in a 5 star restaurant cooked exactly the same it would cost you $100.

What im saying here is that im providing you with the AAA+ Angus beef of the pot world.  90% of this weed is shipped out of the country by people I wish to never meet or know EVER!  But the reason they risk their lives shipping pot over seas is because BC weed is the best in the world and you cant get any better period!

Anyway I have blabbed enough for this evening.  Happy smoking and make sure to check out the new strains at

The Finest Indica

The Finest Indica

This picture is of a strain called blue dream. I got it when at Vancouver’s yearly 420 festival. It was a tent of 3 younger guys who were bouncing around like jack rabbits telling everyone that the weed they had was better then any else at the event which is a pretty bold statement to make in Vancouver, British Columbia. But you know what…. They are actually right! WOW!

Thanks Blue Dream Guys… Who ever you are!

Remember, you can always order online @